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July 1, 2008



Happy July 1, and don't let anyone tell you techies are just a bunch of geeks holed up in labs or windowless seminar rooms. We found 'em at real live parties the last few days.


For example, here's king of Washington tech Ted Leonsis Friday night, holding forth at ESPN Zone. (But have techies have lost their edge if they're dressing the same as the real estate crowd? With Ted: townhouse and apartment mogul Bob Kettler.) The AOL Vice Chairman Emeritus and Caps owner hosted an after-party for the debut of his latest documentary, "Kicking It," a hit at Sundance, which follows down-on-their-luck folks from several countries who use their soccer skills to compete for a "Homeless World Cup." The point of the movie is people can kick drugs and alcohol and anger by channeling energies into sport. "It all starts with a ball," Ted says.


Other investors, and believers, in the movie: local tech mogul Raul Fernandez, wife Jean-Marie, and Washington Life publisher Soroush Richard Shehabi, who co-hosted the soiree. Raul and Jean-Marie plan to spend parts of their summer at their house in Miami and hiking, biking, and riding with kids in Telluride.


GeniusRocket CEO Mark Walsh with former XM Satellite CEO Hugh Panero. Mark says he's busy creating viral videos for Heinz in its launch of spicy jalapeno peppers; his firm puts out "RFBs"
(Requests for Brilliance) to readers of its site to design ads for clients. As for Hugh, who's been counting his money in semi-retirement as the world awaits an XM-Sirius merger, he says he's become "butler, driver, and banker" for his 11 and 14 year old kids.


We here at Bisnow didn't want to take chances on a party drought, so we threw our own on Thursday—at swanky new G'Town Club L2. So elite, we found guests wandering around Cady's Alley looking for it, even though the unmarked entrance is guarded by a tuxedoed bouncer. Above, Appian founder Matt Calkins, Fierce Markets founder Jeff Giesea, White Star Investments' Craig Bernstein, and IMC founder (and former NVTC chairman) Sudhakar Shenoy.


Gratis Internet founder Rob Jewell, Jones Lang's Jay Farmer, PR maveness Katherine Kennedy, and Footage Firm founder Joel Holland. We named Rob (like Matt and Jeff in the previous picture) one of our "35 Under 35" top entrepreneurs. The SBA named Joel, age 23, Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007. And Katherine, to test our scene against the OC's, is jetting off this week to her little bro's engagement party in Laguna. 


Fraser Forbes' Rich Samit, Opus 8's Tien Wong (his company got its name because it's the eighth he's founded), and Cardinal Bank president Kevin Reynolds. They look friendly now, but they're all tennis addicts and you should see them trying to crush each other on the court. 


Some of you may have heard about the Under 30 national CEO Summit our own Elliott arranged several months ago in Park City. Some of these kids are running companies with $100M in revenue.  No less than Fortune Magazine carries a full page on it in the current issue (p. 139).  Here's a pdf of the page if you're interested (takes a few seconds to load).


Some of the 20 on the trip. It was so successful, Elliott says they're demanding he organize a sequel in the Caribbean this fall.

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