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March 24, 2008



You may not know that the DHS has a lighter side, but it does. We recently caught up with Mike Smith, DHS’s director of acquisition and procurement, after his speech at the Association for Federal Resource Management’s (AFFIRM) monthly luncheon held at the GW Marvin Center. Smith told the crowd of 200 about the ways in which DHS used Eagle and FirstSource procurement vehicles to streamline IT in the department. But he told us about a problem even more vexing than President Bush attempting the correct pronunciation “nuclear.”  


There may be 22 consolidated departments at DHS, but there are 27 Michael Smiths. And they often get each other’s emails. Smith, seen here with Potomac Forum president Art Chantker, says he gets an email meant for one of his namesakes almost daily, and that the group has gotten good at re-directing each other’s messages. Smith said one day he would like to meet the other Michael Smiths, but no gathering has been scheduled as of yet.     



But wait, there’s more. Folks, you’re not going to believe this, but beneath the highly intellectual exterior of the IT experts above beat the hearts of expert…chefs!  Do you know there’s a new book called “Cooking it Up with AFFIRM!”  True fact. We caught Energy CIO Carl Staton, AFFIRM board member and GTSI government affairs director Leslie Barry, and Energy’s Kevin Cooke and Sarah Gamage talking about some of the recipes in it, even from Carl’s mother, who evidently makes a mean crab dip. The cookbook costs $20 bucks (proceeds to charity) and can be ordered at: info@affirm.org.   



And finally, we learned that government types are into social networking Web sites, too. Barry, who snuck in and broke our two-picture rule, discussed Facebook and MySpace with Hosky Communications boss Peg Hosky and Education IT director Pete Tseronis. Barry says she is on Facebook, but her kids won’t let her friend them. Don’t worry, Leslie, you can friend us.



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