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November 5, 2008
Jones Lang LaSalle
State of Contracting


Brian Williams and Charlie Gibson can tell you everything about Barack Obama’s historic win in last night’s presidential election, but we’re already thinking ahead. We got up super early this morning (how’s that for hustle?) and tracked down some of our government contracting friends to hear what they think the new guy at 1600 Pennsylvania (and everyone coming with him) will mean to the industry.


Dendy Young, managing partner of McLean Capital: "The new Administration will not make any decisions until April, but with the Democrats now leading both Houses, I expect the appointment of new officials to go rather smoothly. We should then see a real boom of energy and activity that will take us through the end of the year. I suspect civilian agencies will do better than DoD agencies, but that is the pendulum swinging back. The government is going to continue to spend, so I’m optimistic for the long-term, although I'm concerned for the interim."


Rob Guerra, president of Guerra Kiviat Inc.: “Obama is dead serious on slowing down spending in Iraq and on defense, so there will be a shift, but it will definitely take some time. I expect to see much more money going into transportation infrastructure, because that will create a lot of jobs, plus our infrastructure is in trouble. I also think there will be pressure put on Homeland Security to spend more logically. The next couple of years will really depend on whom Obama selects to lead procurement and acquisition policy at GSA and OMB, along with whom the Administration puts in a number of CIO positions.”


Bob Dinkel, COO of FedResults: “One big concern that always comes with a transition is the government work force. There is usually a hiring freeze for anywhere from six months to a year. The government is already struggling to bring in new employees and is especially short on contracting expertise and procurement workers. The number that’s been thrown out is that in the Capitol region there are 2,000 open slots and it’s mind-boggling with that kind of requirement to have a freeze, but one will likely happen.”


Raymond Roberts, CEO of Citizant: “We’ve deliberately not made a specific plan for who gets elected, because the federal government is not prone to knee jerk reactions. Nothing is going to happen quickly – we’re not going to see healthcare resolved overnight, although we know there will be changes in two to three years. With the new Administration are we looking more at healthcare? Yes. But were we looking at healthcare a year ago? Yes.”

Qorvis Election Party

Hey, it’s the new President! OK, so Barack didn’t make it to the Qorvis Election Party at their new Connecticut Avenue digs last night, but 500 others did, including Holland & Knight’s Bona Park and Qorvis’ Rick Silipigni. Qorvis just became a Bisnow sponsor, so we’re hoping they can hook us up with one of their most well-known clients: Jim Beam, who automatically gets a seat on our board.


Former Virginia Secretary of Education Jim Dyke, with wife Ellen, daughter Lauren and Tantus Tech’s Ben Ness. Jim is an attorney at McGuireWoods, but we’ll save that for our colleagues at Legal Bisnow. Ben’s company is maintaining the financial systems for the FAA, but the big news is he and Lauren are newlyweds, although their honeymoon in St. John was interrupted by Hurricane Omar. “We got through it with plenty of Crucian Rum,” Lauren says.

David Stegon hates waking up early. In fact, he hates getting up before “The Price is Right.” Send story ideas that involve something at night to David@Bisnow.com

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