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January 26, 2009
Jones Lang LaSalle

For those of you interested in environmental issues, we're proud to announce our next Bisnow Breakfast & Schmoozarama, with the CEO and Founding Chairman of the US Green Building Council, Rick Fedrizzi. BLT restaurant in DC, Thursday, Feb 12, sign up!


This week President Obama submits a stimulus package to Congress that could exceed the defense budget, bringing opportunity (and possibly chaos) for professional services firms. We sat down with Stan Soloway, CEO of the Professional Services Council and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, whose 330 member companies sit on the front lines of government acquisition policy.


Stan tells us there are large amounts of money dedicated to healthcare IT, upgrading and greening government buildings, and energy R&D. "The biggest challenge is looking at the lessons in rebuilding Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans and what it is going to take to execute the government's plan." He says his organization doesn't try to influence government spending decisions, but acts as a bridge between government and industry. 


Stan is a rock star in federal IT (he was on our Power 50 list after all), but his career almost never came about. A big music buff, he was a DJ in college and had an offer to produce a sports talk show in his hometown of Boston (he's a member of Red Sox nation) but the show got canceled a week before he was supposed to start. He went to Washington to follow his other passion (policy) and 33 years later is still here (becoming CEO of the PSC in '01 after his days in the Pentagon). "My iPod is very eclectic," Stan says. "I'm constantly trading music with my daughters." 

Perot's New Top Gun

We recently met Eric Wieman, the new EVP at Perot Systems who will lead the company's $300 million civilian IT division after coming over from CSC three weeks ago. His plans are simple: Be a $1 billion business unit in five years, building on an already strong presence in the Department of Education and HHS, among others. "We've already got one of the top commercial healthcare businesses in the country, so one of my main tasks is to translate that to the federal government," says Eric, who will also oversee customer accounts within NASA, NOAA and the FDA. It also helps that founder Ross Perot is known for his support of education as is a certain new guy in the White House.


Fact: Navy P3 Orions are awesome. Eric actually flew these things during 25 years as a Navy pilot (seven on active duty and another 18 as a reserve). "It was definitely cool," says Eric, a Long Island-native and Holy Cross grad. "It took me places I never would have dreamed of." Fittingly enough Eric went to work for a flight simulator company (that was acquired by Lockheed) and has made stops at Northrop, Raytheon and CSC, where he headed the company's science and engineering services division.


Outside the office you can find Eric (another college DJ!) playing "Rock Band" with his son. He's an amateur gourmet chef (with ancestors from Sicily, we'll let you guess which type of food he likes to cook) and has roughly 400 to 500 bottles of wine collected over the years in his basement. "My son asks me when I'm going to start drinking all of the wines. I joke that I'm going to find an actuary to tell me how many days I have left to live and then when that number equals the amount of wine I have, I'm going to stop buying and start drinking," says Eric, who also likes to play tennis and run.

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