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May 22, 2008


Our great sponsor Deloitte is accepting nominations for the Technology Fast 50 rankings, honoring the area's fastest growing tech, media, telecom and life-sciences companies. More info and nomination forms are here. Nominations are due by June 6.


After a little break yesterday, we return to our list of the Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 in the D.C. area. If you missed parts I and II, well, we’ve got an archive and you’ve got a mouse. We’ll wrap up our selection tomorrow and then spend the next three days grilling hot dogs in the backyard and playing volleyball.  

HOOMAN RADFAR, 27, CEO, Clearspring 

Radfar knows widgets: His company tracks four billion of them each month for marquee names like ESPN, the BBC, MTV and the Washington Redskins. Wowza! Clearspring just received $16 million in venture capital funding from New Enterprise Associates, Novak Biddle Venture Partners, and others. Not bad for someone who bootstrapped the company in 2004 as a fresh-faced 24-year-old right out of grad school at Carnegie Mellon.

PETER CORSELL, 30, CEO, Gridpoint

Corsell served with the State Department in Cuba and was a political analyst with the CIA, so we’re going to say only nice things about the charming and handsome Mr. Corsell. He started in 2003 with Gridpoint, which uses its SmartGrid Platform (a network of grids that control load, store energy and produce power) to help utilities and customers receive power without harming the environment. Evidently we’re not the only ones impressed: They’ve raised $102 million, including a large chunk of change from Goldman Sachs.

JIGAR SHAH, 34, Chief Strategy Officer, Sun Edison

Co-founder of solar power bloomer Sun Edison in 2003, Shah is all about transforming the sun’s rays into money. The company helps the likes of Whole Foods, Staples, and Kohl’s use solar panels to power their stores. He previously worked at BP Solar, where he specialized in national commercial sales, M&A, and corporate strategy, and with the Department of Energy on alternative vehicle and fuel cell programs.

SEAN GORMAN, 34, CEO, FortiusOne

Gorman is best known as being the George Mason student whose doctoral thesis mapped the fiber-optic network connecting every business and industrial sector in the U.S. economy, gaining attention from the government, which feared his work could aid a terrorist attack. But don’t worry, Gorman uses his insights to help the good guys: at FortiusOne, a consulting company he started in 2005, his thesis research helps government agencies develop data mapping tools to fill in the gaps where old analytics fail.

CASEY GOLDEN, 30, Managing Member, SmallAct Network

Forget 35 Under 35, Golden could have made a 15 Under 15. At age 13, he had two patents for biodegradable golf tees and since then has started three companies, including co-founding Parature, which makes downloadable support programs for the Web. His latest venture is SmallAct Network, using technology to inject social responsibility into everyday life. A companion book, “Small Acts, Big Impact: How You can Change The World 5 Minutes At A Time,” is due out this winter.

CLIFF MARK, 23, founder, Ninja Tickets

All Mark wanted was 50-yard-line seats for the Redskins, but like any other college kid, he was short on cash, so he brainstormed several software solutions to create a pool for splitting event tickets. Thus was a business born. His site, which doesn’t sell tickets, but allows consumers to comparison shop, indexes an estimated $16 billion in tickets each year. Now Mark can see the Redskins—at the lowest price—whenever he wants.


Williams started Viget in 1999 with his brother and late father, with the idea of being an innovator in web consulting. They’ve done work for clients ranging from comedian Brian Regan to Strayer University, along with launching the sites of Loladex, Pay the Fan and Odeo.  But he also loves spending time with his three kids and writing on his blog www.wynnewilliams.com, titled after his middle name because, as he explains, he decided to spend $20 in 1997 on beers with friends instead of buying www.brianwilliams.com. Hey, it might have saved him an argument from NBC. 


It’s hard not to love video games, especially having them on your cell phone to play during meetings on your lunch break. Powers and his aptly named MPowerPlayer give consumers an iTunes-like database to search and purchase games for mobile devices. It’s the largest desktop-based mobile discovery tool available with 1.5 million users worldwide and over 13 million mobile games sold.

JOEL SELZER, 33, CEO Ozmosis

Doctors need a place to social network, too, and if they can share some tips along the way, all the better. Selzer started Ozmosis in 2006 as a Facebook for physicians, allowing them to exchange medical knowledge to better care for patients. Best part: the site is free to all licensed physicians. When he’s not helping doctors, Selzer is active in the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.


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