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October 24, 2008
Jones Lang LaSalle
Mid-Atlantic Bio;
Deltek and Dr. Jack

Big shout-out to the HarVest Bank of Maryland! CEO Jack Hollerbach just returned from the successful Montgomery County Mission to China and South Korea, where they signed deals with local governors and brought back great opportunities for HarVest Bank of Maryland. Also, they had a profitable 3Q and grew to $215 million in assets. Congrats!


Last night we visited the Westfields Marriott to catch up with our biotech friends at Mid-Atlantic Bio 2008, which included a visit from Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Election season puts us in the "equal time" spirit, so it was only fair after hob-knobbing with the Federal IT crowd the night before. (The confab was hosted by Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, the Virginia Biotechnology Association, and the Tech Council of Maryland/MdBio.)


Now this is a picture! Nobel Laureate (for chemistry) Kary Mullis and wife Jennifer, who apparently sees something more important off to the side (probably a physics Nobel Laureate; they get all the girls), join Gov. Kaine. Usually we'd add useful information in this space, but since these guys are so important, let's give them some extra pics.


The guv shows off the size of a bass he recently caught in the Chesapeake. Actually, he did talk about-what else-the economy. "We're not going to get out of this through a new regulatory scheme, but through old-fashioned American innovation." The governor, now in his third round of state budget cuts, told everyone that this is the time to rethink what they do to become more efficient, noting "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste."


Kary won the 1993 Nobel Prize for inventing the polymerase chain reaction that multiplies a single, microscopic strand of genetic material billions of times in just a few hours. If that's not enough, Kary just designed a drug for the Air Force that cures Anthrax in 100% of patients. (The most successful previous drug only cured 40% of cases.) "The drug is not released yet, so telling you about it might end me in jail," says Kary. We think that'd be worth a pardon. Governor Kaine?


Considering just about everyone knows Scheer Partners SVP Henry Bernstein, center, from his days as COO of the Montgomery County Economic Development Authority, we figured we'd grant his wish to appear in Tech Bisnow. On his coattails: Miles & Stockbridge's Jason Balog, and Rockville Economic Development, Inc. Executive Director Sally Sternbach. Henry now oversees the sale of commercial real estate to biotech companies along the I-270 corridor.


Paratek Pharmaceuticals CEO Tom Bigger, biz dev specialist Tamar Howson, Interwest Partners' James Campbell and SR One Ltd.'s Michael Diem. Asked how many pharma IPOs we'll see in the next year, Michael wasn't optimistic: "Less than one." Tamar told the audience she was optimistic and expected "two or three." Geesh.

Last Night with Jack London

We ran out to the Tower Club last night where Deltek hosted a reception with CACI Chairman Jack London (right, with Deltek CEO Kevin Parker). Jack discussed his recently released Our Good Name, which disputes media reports of CACI's involvement in the Abu Ghraib scandal.


Deltek's Bill Clark and EVP Carolyn Parent. Bill tells us Deltek is still buzzing about it acquisition of Plainview's MPM solution, making it the industry leader in EVM software (earned value management, but you knew that) that ensures managers on federal projects keep on schedule and on budget (that's a novel concept). And now from the "who knew?" file: Bill was a top 200 professional tennis player in the '70s, playing the likes of Connors and McEnroe. Did he ever win? "If I did, I wouldn't be here now," Bill says.

Steve Cooper Update

Yesterday we ran into our old friend, Steve Cooper (who we snapped, above left, with McLean Capital's Dendy Young at the Tower Club). Actually, he used to be everyone's best friend. That's because he was the initial homeland security CIO in the White House and then the first CIO of the Department of Homeland Security; everyone imagined he could swing trillions of dollars of procurements to them.  In June '05 he went to quieter precincts as CIO of the American Red Cross, then a year ago he started his own consultancy, Strativest. He tells us during his homeland security and Red Cross tenures he met with over 6,000 companies, was impressed with the technology of many, and now specializes in trying to help smaller firms navigate government.


Today's tagline courtesy of David Stegon's girlfriend: Despite his rough and tumble reputation as a technology writer, David Stegon visited an animal refuge last weekend and cuddled with kittens and bunnies. Send story ideas that warm the heart to David@Bisnow.com.

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