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Making Football Less Deadly
August 14, 2013

Making Football
Less Deadly

One of the biggest problems with concussions is that the player doesn't know he has one. A DC startup is selling a little white device to change that.

brain sentry-greg merril
The concussion problem is particularly true with kids, and 40% of people with brain injuries either die or have permanent damage if they continue playing before properly healing. So Bethesda, Md.-based Brain Sentry CEO Greg Merril just released a device that attaches to the back of a helmet and detects the acceleration of the helmet after a hit and the duration of that acceleration. A red light comes on if it gets beyond a certain threshold, which could mean a concussion. The directionally adaptive sensing device (meaning it can measure hits from the front, side, back, or 1960s), runs $50 per player, per year and is used by the Arena Football League, Maryland-based Performance Lacrosse, and Bowie Boys and Girls Club.
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brain sentry-helmets
You can see the white boxes on the back of these helmets. (Bonus: if your team's mascot is the Clouds, you won't have to buy extra helmet decorations.) The sensor system figures out how much force is being experienced at the center of the head. Greg says the idea came after he worked on a mobile app to assess soldiers on the battlefield for brain injury. Next year, the company will launch a device that tracks how many head injuries a player is experiencing in a single week and send an alert when a certain limit is reached.
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The Boiler Room

micropact-boiler room
It's a familiar scene every summer. Federal agencies quickly send out RFPs during August and September, trying to spend every last dollar before Sept. 30. In response, Herndon, Va.-based MicroPact set up a boiler room. At times, 25 biz dev people, sales engineers, and proposal writers are hunkering down in a large, open room to close out at least 40 new prime contracts. It's more than half of the contract bidding the company does all year. Contractors work feverishly negotiating contracts, setting up teaming agreements, and doing oral demos. MicroPact SVP Growson Edwards says being in a boiler room allows for better collaboration, faster problem solving, easier swapping of ideas and info, and the occasional pizza slice. Work days haven't bled into nights and weekends yet, but Growson says there's still all of September to go.

How does your company deal with the last few weeks of the federal FY? Send stories and photos to Bisnow's Tania Anderson and we'll run the best ones.

Another Reason To Love Cloud

sciencelogic-dave link
There's a good reason why ScienceLogic CEO Dave Link is giving a double thumbs up. Thanks to cloud adoption growth and clients using its software to monitor and manage IT infrastructure, his Reston, Va., company had 66% Q2 growth; 50% year-over-year growth; a huge number of add-on orders; and a near-record number of new customer gets in one quarter, like NOAA, Unitas Global, Tier 3, and Telefonica Peru. Plus international growth has been significant, with revenue going from 2% of overall to 18% in the last year.

Dave says getting NOAA was particularly satisfying, since they'll help the agency manage the infrastructure across its data centers that track weather. (It's the No. 1 topic of convos across the world, after all.) Dave also attributes ScienceLogic's growth to the fact that five of its competitors have been acquired in the last six months, generally by larger tech companies that do lots of different technology. The 115-person company has hired 16 people this year and will hire another 15 by year's end.

Calling All Young Talent

30 under 40 collage2
Young entrepreneurs are everywhere, launching and growing some of the most innovative companies in the DC region. So Bisnow, along with New Atlantic Ventures, is happy to announce that we're once again searching for the top young entrepreneurs in the DC region for our 30 Under 40 list. Candidates must be based in the greater DC region and age 40 or younger during calendar year 2013. They can come from any sector but must have founded or greatly accelerated a business. Nominations are open until Aug. 23, and the winners will be announced and profiled in Tech Bisnow in September. We'll even throw a special event to celebrate the winners, their management teams, and investors. Send nominations to 30under40@bisnow.com.

And while you're sending out e-mails, don't forget to send one to Bisnow's Tania Anderson with your best story ideas.

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