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June 18, 2008



Ken Bajaj has started another company, which is like U2 releasing another album. The storied Fed IT entrepreneur has already had platinum hits with DigitalNet (sold for $600 million), and AppNet (sold for $2.2 billion). The newest venture is SystemsNet, a strategic-acquisition company focusing on BPO (business process outsourcing, but you knew that).  And, he’s looking to buy. “Tell anyone with a BPO company in the $400 million to $1 billion range to give me a call,” Ken tells us in his spacious Bethesda office.  


Ken came to the United States (that’s Independence Hall on the wall) from India as a doctoral student at Michigan State.  He was one of nine people who helped star Perot Systems and even helped his wife Kevelle run her iNet company (sold for $240 million). “Each time I start a company it’s because I see a paradigm shift in the way technology is used,” he says. “To be successful you need to be unique. You need an angle.”


Ken, talking here with CFO Abe Morris and director of finance Andy Fehretdinov, tells us SystemsNet’s first purchase could come within two or three months if things fall into place. “Once we make our first buy you’ll see a lot of things happen really fast,” he says. SystemsNet is looking for companies that can bring business process automation, business intelligence, and outsourcing to financial service and healthcare industries.


After starting four companies, he hasn’t ruled out a fifth if things go right. Our suggestion: Bajaj Winery & Vineyard. Ken says he owns “every wine bottle imaginable,” so our next party is at the Bajaj house! He recently traveled to Argentina, Chile and Brazil for wine tastings and has made several trips to Italy and France on the same mission. His favorite? Napa Valley. “I’d love a winery, but I have no idea how to make wine,” Ken protests. We can only scoff, since success seems to follow him everywhere.

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