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November 6, 2007

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As usual, last night's NVTC annual banquet at the McLean Hilton was the place to be for all red-blooded networkers, and the future of business cards continues to look assured.  (We thought by now the tech set was supposed to be just silently bluetoothing each other.)   And credit crunch, schmedit crunch.  What better topic to keep 700 diners in rapt attention than witty (and Forbes 400 rich) Carlyle co-founder David Rubenstein expounding on private equity as America’s greatest export and predicting that continued growth of the federal budget will keep DC sitting pretty.

Newlyweds!  Not one but two happy new power couples:  CACI Chairman Jack London and bride Jennifer, left, and Susan and groom George Newstrom, president of Lee Technologies.  Jack and Jennifer did the deed at the National Cathedral on 7/7/07 (either they’re into lucky sevens or they needed a mnemonic so as not to forget the date), and Susan and George wed two weekends ago in Palm Beach.  (Shouldn’t they be on their honeymoon?  Ah, it will be in Scottsdale, where they just got a home in the sun, in case there are ever clouds over their other one in Florida.)

Which hand has the M&Ms?  No, these titans are just pumped for another great year in techland:  Former GTSI CEO and now McLean Capital co-founder Dendy Young, FedResults’ EVP Bob Dinkel, LeapFrog Solutions prez Lisa Martin, and former-sailor-now-consultant Bradley Rosenberg.  Bradley and wife Kathy Clark (see below) sold their Oyster 56’ (that’s a sleek yacht) in which they plied the waters of New Zealand and Australia half of the last seven years. New goals:  Getting reacquainted with landlubber dogs Mocha and Jordan and making lots more money to get a bigger boat.  

Keynote speaker David Rubenstein, in between Charles and Barbara Rossotti.  Charles, AMS co-founder and former IRS Commissioner, is now at Carlyle; and Barbara is a longtime tech attorney at Pillsbury.  David is a legendary travelling man, telling us he’s been to China five times this year and Dubai 4 times—this is less than usual.  He also has a future on HBO, keeping the crowd laughing as he chalked up the credit crunch to the misnomer of “sub-prime” loans.  He guesses if they were called “not-credit-worthy-debt” things might have been different.

Arguably the busiest “retired” woman in DC, former Noblis (new name for Mitretek) CEO Lydia Thomas is flanked by Panacea Consulting’s Gary Pan and George Mason president Alan Merten. As Vice Chairman of the GW Board of Trustees, she’s been preparing for next week’s inauguration of new president Steve Knapp and also getting ready to hit Jamaica and Mexico over Thanksgiving on a cruise with her family, including a couple adorable little grandkids.  Though Alan is still recovering from that wild wedding weekend with the newlywed Newstroms, he’s busy with $600M worth of new building over two years on his campus

NVTC chairs, past and present!  That would be the three people in the center:  former Network Solutions Chairman Mike Daniels, former Landmark Systems CEO Kathy Clark, and Lee Technologies’ John Lee (serving out the third year of his “two year” term).  On left, Mike’s wife Bonnie; and on right, of course, NVTC president Bobbie Kilberg.  But now for news you can use:  John’s one of 15 investors in a cool new “Presidential Golf Club” out at Dulles that will have one of the largest Jack Nicklaus golf academies in the country and a five-star restaurant.

Federal Computer Week Editor-in-Chief Chris Dorobek with CGI U.S. president (and soon-to-be NVTC chair) Donna Morea

GW Provost Don Lehman and Chalk CEO Jim Speros.  Don said he’s busy looking for deans; we’re hoping there’s a finder’s fee and are hereby letting you know he’s in the market for a Dean of Engineering and Applied Science.  Jim (also an investor in The Presidential Golf Club) tells us that Chalk is helping its biggest customer, RIM (as in your Blackberry) get video streaming that will allow people to do corporate training wherever they please, eg, on the beach, provided they’re not sleeping.

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