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June 26, 2008



Serena Williams, John McEnroe, Anna Kournikova are coming to DC this summer! Get your tickets to the Washington Kastles and don't miss the action, right downtown! More info here.


Fortunately that wasn't the temp this year—just the sense of fun and anticipation, especially for the first annual Bob Dinkel Hawaiian Shirt Contest, named in honor of our fed IT friend who, a few years ago, used his attire to break down the formality at the NVTC Hot Ticket Awards that prez Bobbie Kilberg throws annually around her pool for a mere 450 guests. We were happy not to be one of her neighbors who probably closed the blinds after seeing the loud garments on display. Oh, yes, and there were some big intellectual winners, too: Vocus (Hall of Fame); LeverPoint (Hottest Bootstrap); Clearspring (Hottest Buzz); ServiceBench (Hottest Exit); Parature (Hottest Management Team) and Zenoss (Hottest VC Deal).


Don't make fun of Consumer Electronics Association president Gary Shapiro:  He was later hosting a formal 30-person dinner, and at least made an effort to look hip by wearing sunglasses; we helped him keep his job by refraining from pushing him in the pool. As for Bobbie, you can tell she has spent a life in politics: perfectly parsing the line between looking colorful and not going off the deep-end like, well, Bob Dinkel.


Harvest Bank's Rebecca Freed, LogiXML's Kathy Moharra, DLA Piper's John Hurley, Parature's Ben Martin (hiding in the glasses), BlackMesh's Eric Mandell, MindBank's Neal Grudstra, and BlackMesh's Jason Ford. Ben tells us Parature is still abuzz a few weeks after hauling in $16 million of series B funding from Accel Partners. Not to be outdone, LogiXML was just featured on Fox News. But the biggest news: Eric's wife just found out they're having a second daughter. 


Invertix's Craig Parisot and Bryan Judd (with wife Elle), Disys' Caitlin Knight and Sid Khurrum and Vocus' Rick Rudman (front) and Norm Weissberg (back). Caitlin tells us Disys is the largest IT services vendor for Amtrak and Exxon Mobil, including a $25 million contract with the latter, and has three international offices. Her mind though is on heading to the Outer Banks in a few days.


TopSide Consulting's Bob Woods with Strategic Enterprise Solutions' Zhenia Klevitsky and Barry West. You may remember Barry as the CIO of the Commerce Department and at FEMA during Hurricane Katrina. (Insert your own joke here — he's heard 'em all.) Barry tells us SES just agreed to a COCO with Perot Systems, while Bob bragged about his partnership with FedResults. "There are a lot of monkeys in our area, but no gorillas," Bob says. "Hopefully we become a gorilla, because I do not see myself as a monkey." 


Some big winners! LeverPoint's Michael Renner, Parature's Bob Aldrick and K12's Chris Ryan, Maria Szalay and Ron Packard. Okay, so K12 didn't win, but it's planning for the new school year by adding 10,000 new students to its online curriculum. Hey, why didn't we go to school that way? 


Silicon Valley Bank's Mike Burke looks like a singer with his backup band. He's joined by DC Rainmakers' Nancy McCarthy and Mixx's Joe Dzikiewicz and Nathaniel Collinsworth. Mixx, an online content sharing portal, launched a new community feature this week that allows users to earn advertising revenue from Google ads on the communities they create.


Next time you fly, think of Matt Barnes, Bill Cimino, Greg Seward and Curtis Clemmons of Criterion Systems, because they handle IT support for many major airports in the country, including Reagan National, Dulles and BWI. On second thought, only think of them if your flying experience is good.


Winners!  (That's why they're holding those fancy glass prizes.)  Even Bob Dinkel was allowed in there, though he had the good taste to stand in the back and obscure our view of his shirt. (For the record, from left: Rick Rudman, Bill Rubacky, Jennifer Trax, Bob Aldrich, Bob Dinkel, Larry Simpson, John Hurley, Sohale Razmjou, Vince Zumbo, Peter Repetti, Michael Dering, Michael Renner, Larry Roe, and Bobbie Kilberg.)


We saved this 'til last and took it at a far distance of the 50 contestants for the Hawaiian shirt award—so you wouldn't be literally blown away.  Shh, don't tell, but the winner (is that an oxymoron?) was Ali Dian from Athena Technologies.


David Stegon partied last night BUT STILL made it to an Army CIO breakfast and the Potomac Tech Wire Digital Media Conference this morning, or so we hope. Story ideas: Dave@Bisnow.com.

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