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January 5, 2012
ICE Love


ICE is relying on small businesses in a big way. Find out how one Washington area firm is feeling the love
Ice forms outside of Dev Technology
How appropriate that ice formed outside of Dev Technology’s Reston office yesterday, hours after announcing its latest ICE contract win. The 70-employee small business will provide application operations and maintenance under the $50M BPA. ICE (legacy INS) was one of Dev Technology’s first customers when it formed in 1998. But this is the second time in a year that the company won an ICE multiple-award contract as a prime. (Dev Technology won its SharePoint contract last year.) Company execs see this win as a door to lots more prime business.
Dev Technology CEO Susie Sylvester
ICE has been relying more on small business contractors recently, Dev Technology CEO Susie Sylvester tells us. She expects this latest win to grow the company 20 percent over the next year. Task order RFPs should start early this year and companies will have to move quickly and competitively to win, she says. Susie, who grew up with entrepreneurial parents that owned a Korean market and restaurant in her home state of Michigan, launched Dev Technology with a programming friend over a decade ago.
Oceus (YouTube) Mini
Dev Technology VP Ryan Madden and COO John Mutarelli
Dev Technology VP Ryan Madden and COO John Mutarelli have seen the company grow 15-25 percent annually, with revenue expected to exceed $15M in 2011. It specializes in app dev and system modernization, database consulting, and infrastructure management. This most recent ICE win offers a lot of opportunity for the company, says Susie, since the potential task orders are in line with company’s history of app dev and maintenance for DHS.
Deltek (Consulting) MTECH

TrafficLand Could Rule The Kingdom
TrafficLand CEO Larry Nelson

Get ready to know a more about the comings and goings of cars and trucks in a city near you. Fairfax, Va.-based TrafficLand came to the end of a 3-year contract with Total Traffic Network to be the exclusive provider of traffic video to the TV and radio market. Now it can offer its video directly to the media and through other resellers. Live video from over 10,000 traffic cameras is available through TrafficLand’s website and products where users like TV stations can view several cameras before broadcasting them. Users can also search for specific intersections and see which cameras are getting the most hits. (Our guess: Whichever intersection has cats next to old people playing the piano.)


Through the $6.5M partnership with Total Traffic Network, TrafficLand was able to invest in its tech and increase its footprint over the last three years. It provided traffic video, which came through several DOT partnerships, to 32 TV affiliates and 300 web clients under the partnership but Larry expects to see lots more users especially with the growth of mobile devices. Garmin already uses the company for its mobile app. Larry says he expects to be announcing partnerships with TV affiliates and groups in the next few months.

Accenture Upgrades FBI HR
FBI Headquarters
The FBI hired Accenture’s Public Safety practice to modernize its HR system by installing ERP tech. The BPA and four task orders require Reston-based Accenture to oversee installation, testing, and support of the agency’s HR systems, and figure out the cost of replacing those systems. So the company will submit recommendations to determine whether to customize software, reengineer business processes or combine both options. The value of the FBI job was not released. Also, we watched the movie J. Edgar over the weekend and the value wasn't in there either.
Recognize the intersection in the second to last photo? Tell tech editor Tania Anderson if you do.
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Oceus (YouTube)
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