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January 20, 2009
Jones Lang LaSalle

Don't miss "Federal IT Trends in the Obama Era: What's Hot and What's Not." Our all-star panel of top government contractor CEOs and agency CIOs, over a nice, hot breakfast at the Tower Club, Thursday, January 22. Thanks to great sponsors Ernst & Young, Sheppard Mullin, and Kipps DeSantoSign up! 


Let's just put it this way: We were excited to be downtown witnessing today's wonderful and historic events, but we are very, very cold. Can't some of you entrepreneurs out there invent technology that controls the weather? We believe the economic stimulus program would be happy to pay for it.


We snapped this just two hours ago (that's why this issue's coming out so late) of the new tech-gadget-laden Presidential limo (aka "Cadillac One") rolling down Pennsylvania Ave: sealed chassis to withstand chem and bio attack, "run flat" tires, 5-inch armor plating, fluorescent halo lighting, etc. But it still went only 3 MPH.

Apatoff Peters

In warmer climes Friday night at Caf? Milano, we snapped movie icon Bo Derek, right, with Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and Deloitte's new DHS practice leader Linda Solomon (left) and director of tech, telecom, and media Christine Vermillion.  The party was hosted by restaurant owner Franco Nuschese to mark the inauguration and raise consciousness about the Robert Gallo Foundation for AIDS and Virus Research. 


And here's Intridea co-founder Dave Naffis with Tom Hanks at L2 Lounge over the weekend. With that camera around his neck, now it can be told that Tom's a stringer for Bisnow. As for Intridea, it has some news: They just added social media expert (and  author) Joel Postman to their management team.


We snapped this at Teatro Goldoni of legendary 60s and 70s era singer Dionne Warwick with WJLA anchor Leon Harris and, bending down from his usual 6'11" stature, former Congressman (and Bullets star) Tom McMillen. We put this in tech because, of course, Tom is now a big-time CEO of the Homeland Security Capital Corp. You can see from Dionne's tee-shirt she's kind of excited about the new President. 


FI Investment Group CEO Frank Islam, who sold QSS last year for $255 million, gave us these tech predictions:

  • Outsourcing will be closer to home; corporate governance and social responsibility will become a consideration in choosing outsourcing partners.
  • The video game industry will be a bright spot for tech in 2009, with casual gaming companies and "indie" game publishing companies leading the pack.
  • Companies will increasingly use distributed R&D models.
  • Thin film solar technology will finally be able to produce energy at a cost of $1 per watt by the end of 2010.

And from DigitalSandbox CEO Bryan Ware:

  • Given the current economy, the feds will center finance and risk management here in Washington DC, increasing our status relative to New York City.
  • Obama's celebrity status will draw younger generations and celebrities into the area, completely restructuring the social landscape.
  • With Obama's worldwide popularity and vision of "change," foreign leaders will be drawn to visit Washington DC and foster their relationships with the U.S.

Guerra Kiviat Associates' Phil Kiviat says the new administration, facing growing deficits, will move toward industry-funded, performance-based managed services contracts that will (a) use industry money in place of annual appropriations and (b) pay for results rather than compliance or effort with respect to defense, health care, IT,

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