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September 5, 2008

Hurricanes, Football,
Police Gadgets

Big shout-out to great sponsor the Washington Redskins!  FedExField is the perfect year-round venue for your events. And the 'Skins are now offering Bisnow readers a special 20% discount! Please see ad to right for info, and tell 'em we sent you!


With three major storms churning in the Atlantic, we figured it’s a good time to drop in on our friends at WeatherBug, which operates the largest weather network in the world with more than 8,000 monitoring stations, including 650 in the D.C. area. So yesterday we visited CEO Bob Marshall and SVP John Doherty at their Germantown office to find out exactly what the heck is going on with Hanna, Ike, and Josephine, even if we’ll never understand how they get their names.


John and Bob tells us Ike poses the biggest threat and may hit Miami early next week, although it may end up as a fish storm (that’s weather talk for staying out at sea.) These guys should know: Their Web site is the third most visited news and information site in the world (read that sentence again, it’s pretty impressive!) with 18 million unique visitors last month in addition to another 7 million using the company’s mobile apps. State and federal organizations, including NOAA, also use WeatherBug’s info as the basis to make emergency management decisions, not to mention  the NFL and Major League Baseball to make weather-related game plans.

Capitol Riverfront

A Rockville-native and Maryland grad, Bob started the 220-person company in 1992 after working as an engineer for BBN (a company that sort of created the Internet). His job was creating networks to connect submarines’ underwater sonar. He took that concept to weather, equipping government buildings and schools (his wife is a teacher) with weather monitoring equipment and cameras. That info also helps Bob in following his four daughters, who all play club soccer, so he’ll know when the field is dry.


Even though last night’s Redskins game was a little tough, it was nice seeing a game that matters once again. With football season kicking off we made a point to meet up with Cliff Mark, CEO of NinjaTickets.com (and one of our Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35) to figure out  the best ways to get 50-yard-line seats. Cliff’s site indexes event tickets from brokers and individual sellers to show consumers the best deals, along with a feature that compares prices from section to section.


“We’re basically a consumer advocate for event tickets,” says Cliff, who we met at the Bethesda office of Paley Rothman & Goldstein. Cliff, a 23-year-old American grad and Potomac native, started the company last year and has seen 100 percent growth each of the past four quarters, including a recent round of angel funding, to support an upcoming advertising blitz to accompany auction and classified ad features his site plans to unveil in the near future.


No, this is not a promotional poster for CHIPs, but the vehicle upfitting facility of Hanover-based Brekford, which equips first responder vehicles with rugged, mobile technology solutions and bumper-to-bumper tactical hardware based on agency specs. We recently met Brekford founders C.B. Brechin (in the black pants) and Scott Rutherford, who tell us their company outfits law enforcement agencies in the mid-Atlantic including the Maryland State Police, NSA Police, and Prince George County Police. “Yeah, I’ve been pulled over by an officer using one of our computers,” admits C.B., who started the company in 1996 as PelicanMobile


There’s C.B. with Maryland State Trooper Diaz, who we asked to handcuff C.B. for a picture. Brekford installed the computer (a Panasonic Toughbook) on the dash that can withstand a rough and tumble high-speed chase and still check a person’s background in three seconds. “We’re connected with networks all over the country, so officers can see if you’re wanted in other jurisdictions,” C.B. says. The company recently launched SlickTicket, an over-the-seat organizer with a printer and scanner that lets officers get a driver’s records with a quick swipe of their license number and makes for easily issuing tickets and citations. Bet you’re delighted to hear that.

David Stegon wants Jim Zorn fired (at least that was his view as of last night).  Send story ideas or complain about the Redskins at David@Bisnow.com

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