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January 14, 2013
Ex-Weatherman Dives Into Health IT

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DRC’s recent FDA win is just one of many for it over the last year. We talked with the company's health IT guru to get his take on the market. (And to ask if he had any secret flu preventer.)
DRC senior VP and GM Paul Strasser
DRC SVP and GM Paul Strasser tells us health IT is the Massachusetts government contracting firm’s fastest-growing segment, making up 18% of business, mostly from federal agencies and a few state and local governments. Its most recent quarter was health IT’s best in the company's 18 years in the business, booking $75 million worth of work. “Clearly it has our attention and has for some time,” Paul told us from his Reston, Va., office.
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dRC wins FDA contract.
DRC has clinicians, doctors, nurses, and psychologists on staff to consult. The FDA work includes scientific computing services under a five-year, $50 million deal. A major focus will be on making big data useful. How did it get the award? Paul says the company’s long history in performance computing helped. (The company has done ocean modeling for the Navy.) DRC’s health IT work has ranged from helping military heath agencies with traumatic brain injuries to predictive analysis for Massachusetts’ health organization.
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DRC's Paul Strasser looks at old Cray supercomputer
DRC’s Reston office is home to an old, non-working Cray supercomputer. (We pretended to be too young to know what this was.) Paul didn’t always obsess over IT. He started out as a meteorologist (Al Roker was a college bud) and worked on the mission control team that sent up the first GPS satellites. (He also had dreams of being an astronaut.) The New York native lived in Silicon Valley for 20 years before moving to the DC region in 2001 to work for Titan. He once thought comparing the DC tech scene to Silicon Valley was silly, but now it’s legit as the federal sector leads some major tech innovation.

Fireside Chat With Dendy
Jonathan Aberman talks to Dendy Young.
What better way to kick off a '90s-era tech networking event making a comeback than with a fireside chat with Dendy Young? FounderCorps president Jonathan Aberman, left, brought back Coffee & DoughNets last week, a popular event during the birth of the DC tech community. Dendy is better known for running various tech titans from the early '80s through 2007, including Falcon Systems and GTSI. These days he’s working with proteomics researchers at GMU on a new cancer-focused company. (It’s a bit too early for specifics.)
Salisbury Rhodesia
Dendy got an early start in tech when a science fair was held in Harare (formerly known as Salisbury, the capital of Rhodesia where Dendy was living with his family). His large, brightly lit calculator won him a scholarship to study in the US. Dendy tells us he doesn’t consider himself having achieved success yet but has had moments, like selling his first company and being able to pay off his mortgage and not worry anymore what his restaurant bills would be. One lesson he learned along the way: Go with your gut. “Nobody else knows the answer either.”

Centuria Helps Navy Decisions
SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
Centuria is one of 13 small businesses that will start competing for task orders from the SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic. This Navy department designs, acquires, engineers, and sustains the systems, sensor connections, cyber network infrastructure, and knowledge management services for the military. (Here's a shot of the department's large data center.) The task orders under the $250 million Decision Superiority contract will help military officials get access to info that helps in various decision making. Think of all the coins it can buy and flip to help with those decisions.
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