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January 6, 2011

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Where's that DISA GSM contract everyone is waiting for?
DISA's Tony Montemarano and Paige Atkins
It's coming no-later than the middle of next month, says DISA Component Acquisition Executive Tony Montemarano: "We are dotting the I's and crossing the T's—there's just a lot of them still to do." (Though "I" may be the only letter not in Tony's last name.) He spoke earlier today at AFCEA DC monthly luncheon at the Pentagon City Ritz. Tony is seated next to DISA's Paige Atkins.
FedSources (Piggy) Jumbo
DISA CTO David Mihelic, Chief Information Assurance Executive Richard Hale, and Principal Director of Global Information Grid Operations Larry Huffman. Richard says that people like Gen. Chilton would like to give the co-coms freedom of action in cyber space throughout the DISA network, but his challenge (and one he’s struggling a bit with, he admits) is “to keep each of the co-coms from slopping over one another.” Please hold one moment while we look up "slopping" in our contractor's dictionary.

Rivermine Sold!
Rivermine Logo

We're going to ride this exciting M&A train until it kicks us off. On the phone a moment ago, Rivermine CEO Mark Logan told us his Vienna-based company (which helps Fortune 1000s manage and reduce nine-figure telco expenses) just sold to Boston's Emptoris. Rivermine, a nearly 200-person, 10-year-old company with more than 140 clients, will become a division of Emptoris, a contract management, spend analysis, eSourcing, and supplier performance software solution. "We have a very nice hand and glove fit," says Mark, who came to the company in '04 from PeopleSoft and says he plans to celebrate with the gang from Cooley, which advised Rivermine on the deal. In other acquisition news, Columbia's SourceFire announced yesterday that is has acquired Immunet, a cloud-based anti-malware start-up, for $21 million, to bolster its security offerings.  


From Floor to Ceiling and So Much More


Turn to GSA for a complete solution to your workplace needs. Whether its traditional office space, bachelor housing, 21st century knowledge centers, patient rooms, or classrooms, it offers more choices, more options, more ways to enhance your work environment and improve the productivity and quality of life for employees.

Working with leading industry partners, it delivers solutions to fit your workplace requirements and budget—to include everything from design services, reconfiguration, relocation, and project management to lamps, shades, wall art, window treatments, carpets, and much more. In addition, it provides easy access to a broad range of "green" solutions, including quality, environmentally sensitive products and services to cover your sustainability needs from floor to ceiling.

To learn more, visit http://www.gsa.gov/officeops or call (877) 472-4441.

Conducting the business of government demands productive work environments. At GSA, we make it easy to improve your operational efficiency with millions of high-quality office-related supplies, services, and solutions. Our fast, flexible, and compliant purchasing options simplify access to a comprehensive range of furniture, furnishings, floor coverings, and much more – providing you with peace of mind to focus on the mission at hand. To learn more, visit http://www.gsa.gov/officeops or call (877) 472-4441.

Social Media Golden Boy (err, Man)
Casey Golden
Yesterday, we met with Small Act Network CEO Casey Golden at his TeqCorner office. He tells us his angle-funded start-up has evolved from a homepage raising money for non-profits, to consulting non-profits on using social media, to creating a platform—called Thrive—that lets them manage and monitor their social media footprint. The non-profit can then send targeted messages, set up a calendar of releases, and monitor feedback. The company also has a tool that takes emails sent to non-profits and finds where they are in the social media space. It's so powerful, the AARP (the country's largest non-profit) has signed up. "It's all about better connecting people with a cause and giving them more reason to get involved," says Casey. And kudos to Casey for looking so awake: The father of two pulled an all-nighter Christmas Eve to wrap presents for his 3-year-old twins.

More '11 Predictions
Ted Davies

Before we get too far into the New Year, we have a couple more predictions on tech trends. The first courtesy of Unisys Federal Systems President Ted Davies, left:

  • Mobile devices will take center stage, and approaches to building and securing mobile apps will be considered during contract evaluations.

  • Reuse of IT solutions will increase; the economics dictate it (look at GSA's Google Apps implementation as an example).

  • Budget cuts will make the already competitive market, hyper-competitive.
Tony Summerlin and Jason Khan
Kickstand's Tony Summerlin, left:

2011 will be another year of all show no go. Agencies will do the easy thing, “clouding” their e-mail and easy apps, while ignoring the really difficult challenges. One can be assured that fancy dashboards and citizen engagement will continue to be the mantra driving useless apps and irrelevant data instead of making real headway in cutting costs through efficient modernization of processing systems. The hard stuff will be left undone one more year.
Ernst & Young Fed Tech
Cardinal (Bird)
Maoz Veg
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