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March 19, 2008


Big shout-out to new sponsor Congressional Schools of Virginia. An independent pre-school to Grade 8 just minutes from the Nation's capital, CSOV has been educating children since 1939.  Please see their ad to right.  And welcome aboard!


Some CEOs make deals on the golf course, but that isn't where Parature boss Duke Chung gets things done. He takes to the basketball court as part of his company's weekly tournament, ParaHoops. There he can re-live his high school basketball days (he played at Oakton High in Vienna, Va. but wasn't tall enough to be good), talk business, and even make a hire.      


He'll have to do a lot of the latter, because when we met the 29-year-old Cornell grad, he told us he expects his Vienna-based company to grow from its current 100 employees to 150 by the end of 2008. This growth is thanks in part to $13.5 million in funding from Valhalla Partners and Sierra Investment. We hope the expansion happens, because as much as we enjoy waiting hours on the phone to talk to India when we have a tech problem, we'd rather use Chung's software. Parature provides downloadable customer support programs for the Web, for clients like HP, Office Depot and ATI Technologies. Chung says he hopes to expand his company's offerings this year to include social networking—creating Web forums that allow customers to solve other customers' problems.    



Even though Chung is forward-thinking in business, he looks back when it comes to collecting. He loves baseball memorabilia, and his favorite piece is a 1909 tobacco trade card of Sherry Magee. Sherry who? Magee was something of a one-hit wonder in early baseball, Chung tells us, but in 1909 he was a star. Yet somehow the card company spelled his name incorrectly as "Magie." The error was quickly corrected and only 150 incorrect copies are known to exist. So Chung's no-name card is worth about $10,000.           



There was just one more question we had to ask Chung—where did he get the name Duke? He says it's not a nickname, as most would assume, but his given name. Chung's dad was inspired by his beloved Duke basketball team. "It's a good thing he didn't like Maryland," Chung says.



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