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September 8, 2009
Jones Lang LaSalle
Contracting Artist

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Maybe Tom Hanks proved this already, but there’s big money in art. We’re not talking about stealing the Mona Lisa; we mean the $250 million the National Gallery of Art doles out in contracts each year. Sound like a lot of Crayola boxes? We met Rodney Cartwright, the NGA’s Chief of Contracts and Procurement, who says that money is for more than supplies.

Rodney tells us that NGA is continually making tweaks to its Oracle financial management system, which was implemented about three years ago, along with a number of building improvements to the gallery’s East and West Building wings. “One of the keys of our partners is the ability to work without us closing off the building,” Rodney says. And a rarity these days: The National Gallery of Art received zero stimulus dollars.


Rodney grew up in DC and was an acquisition intern at the Navy as a UMd student, before making a tour of the government with stops at HHS, EPA, and RTC FDIC, to name a few. Outside the office, he stays busy with his wife and daughter, and takes pride in maintaining the lawn and garden. He also teaches acquisition courses at a community college.

Mobile Apps!


Just before the holiday weekend, we headed to the Tysons Ritz as Potomac Tech Wire hosted a conference on the future of mobile apps. The esteemed panel: Mobomo CEO Barg Upendra, Netbiscuits’ Ran Farmer, DubMeNow CEO Manoj Ramnani, WeatherBug VP Chris Brozenick, The Washington Post’s Guy Vidra and PointAbout COO Daniel Odio. That’s Potomac Tech Wire founder and panel moderator Paul Sherman to the left.


Here are 200 people tweeting the conference from their iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids (some using all at once). Ran says despite the attention apps receive, the ability to profit from them is still a mystery. “The thing to remember is that the average person has roughly 70 apps, but only really uses five.” As for the best? “For me, the ability to make calls is the most killer app,” Daniel says.

Remote Medicine


We snapped Ingenix Consulting’s Andrew Felrice and United Healthcare’s Annaliesse Nassiri in Reston last week, showing off United’s Connected Care telehealth network. It's a doctor’s office in an 18-wheel truck, which lets patients in remote areas connect with docs via videoconferencing. It will be manned by a nurse, who would take vitals and use a camera to show the doctor any problems. Potential uses include natural disaster areas or remote work sites. What does it have in common with Bono? Annaliesse is about to take it on a nationwide tour.

Upcoming Events

September 15 - Financial Executives Forum Breakfast - Harvey Pitt - 7:30 am - 9am - Harvey Pitt is the Chief Executive Officer of the global business consulting firm, Kalorama Partners and was the Chairman of the SEC. Location: Bethesda Country Club. (Info)

September 17 - Federal Executive Breakfast - Linda Cureton - 7am - 9:30am - Linda Cureton serves as the Director of the Information Technology and Communications Directorate and the CIO NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Location: Fairview Park Marriott. (Info)

September 17 - Titans Breakfast with Steve Forbes 7am registration - Mr. Forbes will deliver the keynote address "What Now for the Economy?" Location: West Belmont Place at the National Conference Center in Lansdowne, Va. (Info)

September 22 - Bisnow Breakfast & Schmooze: GSA?s Jim Williams. Location: Sheraton Premiere at Tyson?s Corner. (More Info)

September 24 - Clean & Green Tech Conference - 8am - 3:30pm - The Tech Council of Maryland?s conference teaches you about the emerging technologies, issues, and trends that will help you operate more efficiently and save money. Location: Bethesda Marriott. (Info.)

September 24 - Federal Executive Breakfast - Vance Hitch7am - 9:30am - Since April 2002 Vance Hitch has served as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Chief Information Officer for the Department of Justice. He manages DOJ's $2.4 billion IT programs. Location: Tysons Ritz. (Info)

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