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July 23, 2008

Command Information; XOHM;
DC Concierge


With OMB's deadline for all federal agencies to become "IPv6 compliant" passing at the end June, we figured it was a good time to check in with Command Information CEO Jerry Edgerton, who heads the nation's largest and fastest growing IPv6 solutions provider. This is the amazing guy who built MCI's federal government sales into a $3 billion juggernaut, but his 350-person Vienna-based outfit is now also making headlines with nearly  $50 million in revenue in its federal and commercial sectors.


The country's Internet currently runs on IPv4, but Jerry says the number of IP addresses will run out in the next three or four years. All federal agencies and a number of companies are switching to IPv6, but must have the proper equipment and security measures in place. Command Information already installed DISA's network operation center; and on the commercial side it's developed, for example, a production-ready prototype for OnStar to give users better connectivity to the company's driver assistance service.


Paladin, Carlyle and Novak Biddle have all invested in the three-year-old company, which evidently gives Jerry enough of a metaphorical runway he can spend some free time flying planes. (He owns four, to the point his wife now insists he sell one before buying another.) Next week he's going to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in Wisconsin to check out experimental aircraft with thousands of his closest friends; we're sure he'll find an IPv6-ready navigation system.



XOHM (pronounced zome), a Herndon-based startup within Sprint Nextel we visited this week, plans to give users not just high speed Internet access, but connections to a community of XOHM services like Google-powered mail and instant messaging, online storage and novel location-based information. VP of Products and Services Rick Robinson, a former muckety-muck at AOL, tells us this will enable a whole new template: presence plus location plus the places and people you care about. XOHM plans to launch in Baltimore in September and in D.C. and Chicago by the end of the year, then go nationwide. 


Rick tells us the XOHM is also working with partners on a number of cool technologies to run on the network eventually, like the ability for digital video recorders to instantly save footage to the network or digital cameras to beam their pictures to "the cloud" without the need for wires or even Bluetooth. "People might think this is just broadband, but it really is a leapfrogging service that brings with it endless new possibilities for users and applications developers," says Rick, who if you cannot tell, has a pretty cool office complete with a lime green wall and some of George Jetson's chairs. He may also be one of the few Sprint executives who still skateboards.


Searchles CEO Elias ("Bring Back the Nehru Jacket") Shams, right, is here with GW advisory board member Jeremy Adelman, but his new best friend may be WashingtonPost.com executive editor Jim Brady. Searchles announced today the Post will add the D.C.-based private company's social widget to personal profile pages on MyPost, creating customized channels that will connect users who make similar comments in WashingtonPost.com moderated discussion groups. Searchles is a social media site combining social networking and social book marking (tagging content for others to see) with a search function to help users connect by similar interests. The Washington Post is a newspaper or something.

DC Concierge to Re-Launch


It only makes sense that Shana Glickfield, better known as the DC Concierge, would be out on the town (we ran into her at U Street's Logic 16), because her popular site gives readers a guide to all the local hot spots, along with answering reader requests. "I like to go out at night, so I figured why not write about the places I really enjoy," says Shana, Director of Strategic Communications for Amplify Public Relations, who started the site a year and a half ago. Shana is re-launching the site in the next week to move from a traditional blog to a more functional web site, including Google maps of restaurants and bars she recommends and their proximity to Metro stations. And don't think Shana is just a party girl: She holds a law degree from Temple and was a legal consultant for Verizon. But the parties do sound like more fun.

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