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October 9, 2008
Jones Lang LaSalle

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Biggest party of the season—and it's free: Bisnow's Democrats v. Republicans Hip Happy Hour. 1,500 people from all Washington industries. The great Park at Fourteenth. Oct 15, 6-8 PM, stay and watch the debate. No charge, but you must sign up!


Our friends at Apptis invited us to the Tower Club yesterday morning for Dataline's latest educational seminar on "cloud computing" (ie, IT capabilities provided as a service over the Internet, instead of downloaded onto a computer), featuring Apptis SVP Tim May discussing the "cloudification" of the federal government. (Note to Presidential candidates: might want to use that term in next debate.)


Tim says federal agencies will turn more to cloud computing as the economy worsens so as to become more efficient. "When it comes time to refresh their equipment, most departments will look to the cloud, so they can stop worrying about IT needs and focus on their business mission," Tim says. Increases in cloud computing are also creating new business opportunities: Apptis just teamed with ServerVault on a trusted cloud solution for the Feds. Along with meeting Tim, we ended up running into a couple of other people we knew at the Tower Club (isn't that the point?) and decided why not pull out the camera for a couple more pics.


It's Federal marketing guru Mark Amtower with Fred Diamond (must be a stage name) of Diamond Marketing. Mark hosts "Amtower Off Center" Mondays at noon on WFED where he discusses the good, bad, and wacky of selling to the government. Fred is a regular guest and knows his way around the tech space too with over 19 years of marketing and business development experience including with clients like Apple, Compaq and Compuware.


American Small Business Coalition CEO Guy Timberlake with COO and President (oh, and wife) Maggie. The ASBC holds weekly and monthly networking events for small emerging government contractors. Guy tells us the organization has more than 400 members and held a mixer yesterday afternoon at South of the Border in Vienna where we were promised a humongous margarita if we attended, but sadly we were already booked. Next month, though, we're there!

More Power!

We liked the sitcom Home Improvement where the lead character, Tim Taylor, always tried to boost the power to his household appliances, usually with horrific results. Well, earlier this week, we met Dr. Steven Armentrout, founder of Parabon Computation, a grid computing company whose software harnesses the excess capacity of thousands of computers essentially to create a super computer (without blowing things up we might add). "What used to take decades we can do in days, and what took days we can do in seconds," says Steve, a West Virginia native with degrees from JMU and UMD, who started the bootstrapped company nine years ago.


Steve with Mario Bulhoes and Dabe Murphy at their Reston offices. Steve tells us Parabon is working with the National Institute of Justice to decrypt encrypted files for law enforcement agencies. "Our software securely taps the otherwise wasted power of computers across a network to do work faster, cheaper and better than ever before." Parabon also offers an online supercomputing service, using its software to broker computation between universities and businesses. Steve's brain is a super computer itself when it comes to chess: He once played Deep Blue (the IBM super computer that beat world champion Gary Kasparov in 1997) to a draw.

David Stegon was recently dragged to romantic tear jerker "Nights in Rodanthe." He recommends you do anything short of murder to avoid this movie. Send story ideas and better movie suggestions to

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