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January 16, 2008



Celebrities in our midst!  Craigslist's Craig Newmark and former Apple CEO John Sculley, among others, at the upcoming Southeast Venture Conference. Feb 27-28, Tysons Ritz.   


Last night we went to the Verizon Center for some full contact networking, and a hockey game broke out.  More precisely, we joined 60 TCM MdBio members in the Dewar's 12 Clubhouse before the Capitals clobbered the Ottawa Senators on the ice.  Yep, that's Caps-owner Ted Leonsis below, meeting up with TCM Prez Julie Coons and the group. 


Julie is determined to get that notorious 6% Maryland computer services sales tax repealed, and has been busy working legislators and forming a coalition with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce to build a grass roots rebellion.  Guess what might just be the hot topic for Governor Martin O'Malley at next week's TCM leadership dinner in Annapolis?  Meanwhile, Julie didn't have to coax Ted to voice support; he volunteered to his fellow techies that business does best with a "light" touch from government


Others on hand included Citizens Bank's Dan Laurenzi, Owen Burman, and Leslie Grizzard Hale; WSL Consulting CEO Susan Beall; and Citizens' Mark Latterner.  Susan's flying high with her pilot's license; she's going for a new instrument rating so she can navigate the clouds.


Pierce Financial managing partner John Clark, Laguna Ventures, Inc. CEO Bill Senich, and Pierce's Al Thieme and Peter Yanachkov whet their whistles by the bar.  Bill told us that Pierce just helped him acquire the Oakhill Group, a McLean-based government IT company.  Peter says one of Pierce's new ventures is arranging the financing to relocate inactive gas processing plants in the States to active areas overseas.   He also let it slip that he's been skydiving 82 times-no misprint.


Social & Scientific Systems CTO Chuck Kramer and Allen Taylor, Tatum partner Glen Passin, Social & Scientific's Bill Cox and Jim Burke.  Chuck says S&S is having Nextance install a new contract management system that oversees the "life cycle of legal instruments to help with internal productivity."  Plus he says they're getting a new clinical data management system to streamline their work in the public health sector.  We don't quite understand what we've just said, but serves us right for quoting a CTO. 


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