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February 27, 2008



We're on a mission to prove that people who like to abbreviate are nonetheless fun. Thus we popped in this morning to ITAA's 18th Annual Federal CIO Survey at the Willard—who knew you could party on the occasion of putting out a survey? 200 turned out to discuss the greatest challenges facing government CIOs. Top issues, we learned, are information security, CIO participation at the strategic level in agencies, and keeping the meaning of acronyms straight. (We sort of, though not entirely, made that last one up.)


The first panel of the day included Deputy CIO of the Department of Interior Ed Meagher, FOB (friend of Bisnow—that means we've interviewed her before) GSA CIO Casey Coleman, moderator Nancy Peters of CACI, and National Institute of Standards and Technology CIO Simon Szykman. Ed, who we also bumped into yesterday at the ACT-IAC lunch (see below), tells us he runs a volunteer organization that may have one of the longest acronyms on record: the LVAAA SMS (Leadership VA Alumni Association Service Member Support), helping severely injured soldiers who have been hurt in Iraq and Afghanistan by sponsoring events like fishing trips, golf outings, and Friday night dinners. That's such a great cause, they can call themselves anything they want.


She has tea, he has coffee. We chatted with Kearney's Jacqueline Hunt and Apptis' Bill Cratty over their respective hot beverages.  Jacqueline said that Kearney, a CPA firm that does exclusively Federal business, was recently awarded a GSA IT Schedule 70 contract. We're not sure what this means, but she said it with an intonation that makes us think it's good.  Bill told us that Apptis just appointed a new CEO, Paul Leslie (someone we knew years ago—hi, Paul). As for Bill, he's so excited about the Nats' upcoming season that he can't even wait for the new stadium and is flying to Florida to catch a little spring training.


United States Access Board's Bruce Bailey and David Baquis flank SSA's Ryan Kavalsky and LexisNexis' Linda Shea. Ryan says that the SSA is making a huge push to grow its internal IT departments.  Linda says that Lexis just launched a new digital asset management program (we are forced to report that the acronym for that is "DAM") which captures, organizes, and stores information. Bruce and David say they're busy preparing for the re-write of Section 508, which is the standard that ensures IT is usable by people with disabilities in  Federal agencies.


DoD Defense Logistics Agency's Gregg Tuttle, Agriculture's Steve Aucoin and Jewel Moore, SSA's Linda McCaw, and EMC's David Hull.  Steve and Jewel told us that Ag's converting to a new audit software package, Teammate, which most of the government already uses. They plan to be switched over by August, so that means training over half of the Department's 600 employees on the program. Steve, a New Orleans native, is hoping to jet down to his hometown for Jazz Fest later this spring.


Yesterday we joined the American Council for Technology (ACT) and the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) for their 2nd Annual Small, scratch that, Growing Business Conference at the Crystal City Marriott.  Of course, we went for the lunch.  Over 200 gathered to network and pick the brain of their dining companions; each table had a designated government leader—ranging from Department of Education to DoT honchos.  Here we crashed the table of Twinbridge Consulting's Grace Chang, Devis' Randy Smith, Johnston McLamb's Scott Ostrovecky,  QSSI CEO Pawan Malhotra, M2 Strategies' Ed Adelman, Department of Ed's Glenn Perry, Aequus Strategy Group's Sharon Payne, and ActioNet's Louis Mole. Look how self-disciplined they are, waiting for the picture to be snapped before digging into the food.


[Bob Dinkel alert:  If you are easily offended by excessive numbers of pictures of our old friend, to which we readily admit, do not look above.]  Front and center by the podium (NASA's Linda Cureton spoke later in the day):  Devis' Shannon Byrne, Catapult Consultants' Anthony Fung, FedResults CEO Bob Dinkel, Strategic Applications & Technologies' Anthony Moore, EDS' Cynthia Babec, GSA Federal Acquisition Group manager Lisa Grant, M Linqs prez Greg McIntyre, Binary Group's Staci Redmon and Joshua Hackett, and NeoSystems Julie DeMarco.  Staci told us that Binary just got a new home base; the woman-owned defense contracting firm recently moved from Bethesda to Arlington overlooking the Key Bridge to accommodate their burgeoning staff of more than 80.



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