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October 17, 2008
Jones Lang LaSalle

Big shout-out to the Shakespeare Theatre! Don’t miss the annual gala at the Harman Center for the Arts on Mon, Oct 27. Tickets are still available, so just click here or see ad to the right for more info.


We've definitely discovered the antidote to economic blues: A great party at a great venue can take your mind off anything. We were thrilled to see over 1,200 of you loyal readers at the Park at Fourteenth Wednesday night, enjoying the endless bounty of its amazing food and drink, working yourself into an admirably Washington-style networking frenzy, and ultimately displaying your impressive civic rectitude as many of you stayed on, quieted down, and watched the final presidential debate, 21 references to Joe the Plumber and all.


You readers should keep the good times flowing and hold all your autumnal and holiday parties at the Park, and invite us to come eat and drink with you cover it with our fine editorial staff. The Park's four spacious floors, elegant décor, flowing bars, efficient staff, and general sizzling glamour all lived up to reputation, and we don't say that just because we're still dizzy with ego at seeing our name decaled onto their windows.


Not to belabor the Joe the Plumber references, but the buffet line mimicked his favorite tool, snaking across the second floor. It was an endless array of crabcakes, jumbo shrimp, blackened salmon, beef tenderloin, seafood pasta, fine cheeses, Caprese and Caesar salads, and specialty cocktails, including our personal favorite, the "Bisnow Energy Cocktail" (seriously, the Club specially created it):  apparently equal parts Barack, John, and Jim (Beam).


Park at Fourteenth owner Marc Barnes, center, is a legend. He also owns Love (in NE DC, second largest club in America, with regular performers like Jay-Z) and is a familiar face on the Vegas strip. His entourage for this photo: Cooley Godward Kronish's Paul Laurence, our own party instigator Elliott Bisnow, Roberts & Associates Elisha Roberts, and the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center's Alana Cassidy and Jacie Roberts.


Global Knowledge’s Kristina Patten, Cisco’s Alexandra D’Amico and Katie Dingess, Accenture’s Jennifer Halti, and Connected WorkPlace Solutions’ Bobbi Newton. Bobbi missed her intramural team’s first volleyball game to catch the party but says she’ll make up for the missed workout by surfing extra hard when she visits her mom in Waikiki this Christmas. Jennifer couldn’t think of a favorite sport, but she did think of a favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge (not pictured).


Hines' Scott Meyer, Studley's Adam Schindler and Leo A Daly's Annie Axelrod enjoy the dessert bar; did we forget to mention there was a whole floor of sweets? Adam washed down his chocolate pastry with five-times distilled Ciroc vodka made from grapes picked in the Gaillac and Cognac region of France. So, it tasted like vodka, right? Annie is looking forward to work next week—shocking, until we learned that she'll be at the NAIOP Developer's Conference in Las Vegas!


Deutsche Bank’s Sam Nikoomanesh and marketing manager Tia Flick. Sam loves to race his 1995 Porsche 911 and is a member of the Summit Point Porsche club—yet  another club that will not have us as members (others include AARP and the Jonas Brothers Fan Club.) We still insist, if you squint, our Honda Civic looks like a ’98 Targa.


Beveridge & Diamond's Karl Bourdeau, EFX Media's Cheryl Platt, Turner's Joel Causey, Archstone's Debbie Weinman, and Beveridge's Ed West. Before we interrupted, Joel and Debbie discovered that they are both working on the same mixed-use development (a Bisnow match-up!) at Wisconsin Place in Chevy Chase. Turner is the contractor and Archstone is partnering with Boston Properties and New England Development at the 1.5M SF site (home of the new Bloomingdale's).


Smith Group's Johanna Rodriguez, attorney Brendon McParland, and Fentress' Marisa Picard. Johanna (a self-confessed travel addict) and Marisa are heading to Peru for New Year's. Nothing like fireworks over Machu Picchu to ring in '09.


DuPont Fabros' Kristen Kaylor and CBRE's Nicole Thomas. Nicole is heading to Miami on Monday but assured us it wasn't for partying. She'll be attending a data systems conference. The two then spent the next 5 minutes arguing whether it's pronounced "day-ta" or "daa-ta." We're not taking sides.


More Studley crew: Bethany Hobbs, Richard Barnett, Aisha Malik, Parker Lange, Diana Sechrist and Timothy Foley. Diana shows off her "Holiday Party" drink—a giant kamikaze shot. Tim says Studley is acting fast to track down a site for Dunder Mifflin's relocation from Scranton. He then spent several minutes outlining needs, including:  30K SF, warehouse space, and room for a ping-pong table. This once again proves our point: alcohol and The Office don't mix.

To hold an event at the Park, email Anne Barnes at anne@park14.com
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