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January 2, 2013

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While we didn't predict the Redskins would be division champs, we did nail down tech predictions for 2013. How many will come true?
Uncertainty continues
US Capitol
True the fiscal cliff was avoided. But the uncertainty continues, says TechAmerica SVP Trey Hodgkins. His quick analysis of the legislation recently passed by the House and Senate delays the automatic federal cuts we lovingly call sequestration, but it doesn’t eliminate them. The agencies are still stuck in a continuing resolution, there’s no new spending, and cuts are coming. Agencies are still anticipating personnel cuts and they’ll be as frugal as ever when it comes to spending. “They’ve really only scratched the surface. Congress is kicking the can again,” he adds.
Evolve (Puzzle) MTECH
Cybersecurity strong but uncoordinated
Larry Allen
Federal agencies will continue their cybersecurity spending spree, says IT consultant Larry Allen, but they'll struggle to coordinate their efforts. DOD, DHS, and HHS will be big cybersec spenders but have little collaboration on what to buy and share. “They have their own constituencies and different oversight committees in Congress, so in some ways coordination is too much to expect,” he adds.
Bisnow (Sales) Jumbo
Big data will get even bigger
Treasury Department
Remember when cloud computing was all the rage with federal agencies? Well, they’ve moved on. There was lots of big data talk in the four last months of 2012 but not a lot of federal money was allocated, says Larry. That will change, much to the benefit of contractors. Larry says agencies will need to turn to the private sector for this type of specialized tech help, since not many of its IT talent have big data training. The agencies he expects to set up big data budgets: DOD, Treasury (especially IRS), and HHS.
Tech startups will bloom; some will die
More DC tech startups will emerge
30-40 early stage companies will get created in the next year, iStrategyLabs president and DC Tech Meetup founder Peter Corbett predicts. Getting money from angels is getting easier and the community has become more connected with events and online networks. “It’s easier to bump into the people who will help bring your dream to life,” he says. But some DC tech startups will die, failing to get past that seed round. Based on macro trends, many of them will be consumer-focused social startups. B-to-B companies will be the winners in 2013.
DC will get into the investing game
Vincent Gray
Seeing its rivals... er, we mean neighbors to the north and south... invest in their tech startups will inspire the DC government. Peter says officials like Mayor Vince Gray are noticing Maryland’s success with its TEDCO funds and the rapid-fire checks that Virginia’s CIT has been writing. Having worked as the deputy mayor’s advisor, Peter says DC’s five-year economic development plan calls for matching funds from the DC government with an outside firm. And with Grotech working with Maryland to match funds to make tech investments, DC may realize it can do that, too.
You will get hired
IT hiring up
NFL head coach seems to be the position with the biggest opening right now. But there are tech openings, too: 26% of hiring managers will add full-time permanent employees this year. The bad news: 9% plan to reduce workforces, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Even though the fiscal cliff was averted, employers are still cautious. Sales and IT jobs will be the two top positions, followed by customer services, engineering, production, and biz dev. The West and the South plan to do the most hiring, following by the Midwest and the Northeast. (Hmm, those actually do look like NFL conferences.)
What are your 2013 predictions? Tell Bisnow's Tania Anderson.
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