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November 26, 2008



Tina Turner turned 69 yesterday, but Monday when she was just a spry 68, she switched on her electricity at Verizon Center like the teenager she was 50 years ago when she did her first concert. We were on hand, though we felt a little dorky snapping pics when others were up from their seats rocking.


Amazing they create stages like this just for a couple shows.


To tell you the truth, sometimes it seemed more like a strip show.


It’s our camera’s shutter speed that makes Tina look like a blur (and therefore portly, when in fact she’s in great shape).  But we wanted to show you this strange and wonderful mechanical arm that she traipsed across in four inch heels.  


There, that’s more like it.


Kris, a “mixologist” at Proof, whose talents we called upon before the Tina show. She can do both “old school” and “new school” drinks, she tells us.  That’s good, because her own favorite at this storied beverage bar is—drum roll—a plain old margarita.

Long before Project Runway’s Tim Gunn told fashion designers to "make it work," Karen Zuckerman, president at Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group (HZDG), had been telling her staff to "make it cool." But she did borrow from reality TV’s playbook when it came time to style the graphic design firm’s own Rockville headquarters. She separated her 100 employees into teams and pitted them against each other to design each section. Everyone at HZDG thought it would be more fun to compete to create the most eccentrically designed space. Needless to say the teams who were assigned the kitchen and bathrooms came up with some pretty colorful ideas. The only check on their imagination was CEO Jerry Zuckerman, who limited budgets by playing the role of the Deal of No Deal banker.  
Judges Karen and Jerry, doing their best Simon Cowell impressions. (We think Jerry’s got it.) The entire challenge will span 10 weeks. By the end, we expect at least one team will have a spin off show, one will be involved in a scandal with a judge, and another will have a recording contract despite having no singing talent.


Tax-Free Shopping in DC starting this weekend, and running through Dec. 7 (on orders less than $100).

Lights, lights, lights make all these standard DC sites look extra beautiful: Check out, Zoo Lights, Norwegian Christmas as Union Station, and Christmas at Mount Vernon.

Shadow Room is having a pre-Thanksgiving party. RSVP for comp admission.

Thanksgiving Throwdown at the Clarendon Ballroom has been running for 13 years straight. Join the tradition, tonight.

Open Mic tonight might be your only chance to sing Jingle Bells pre-Thanksgiving and not get booed. Iota Club and Café, 8 pm.

Casa Noble
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