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November 4, 2008



Last night we went out in search of ‘Skins victory and chicken wings, and found at least the latter at the Rhino Bar and Pumphouse. If you find wings for less than 10 cents, you let us know.


Assistant manager Larry Edmonds (right), with bartenders Hassan Kenney and Tina Hammond, explained to us what a “pumphouse” is. The term comes from the olden days before CO2 was used, when beer was “pumped” from the barrels in the basement to the bar. Located on M Street in Georgetown, the joint gets wild during Monday Night Football. Rated the #1 Sports Bar here by AOL’s Citysbest (thus our beeline to it), Rhino has 29 flat screens and multiple 110 inch HD screens to watch the game. The wings come out saucy and irresistible, and the football fans are loud and rowdy (in a good way). If the Redskins do anything on the field (even a few times last night), the bar rumbles like a Richter 8.0.


Susan Coughlin, Anna Houghes, legal secretary Dawn Spicer, and the SEC’s Ryan Farney enjoy their wings. Anna, Dawn and Ryan have been to Rhino’s every Monday for the past five years. We said impossible. They said unless they were in the hospital or on vacation, they were there.  We said roll the security tapes. Rhino doesn’t have security tapes. We gave up.


If your mouth is sensitive don’t order the wings hot. Larry tells us you’ll die. He seemed serious. So we ordered mild. Get here before the coin toss or you’ll be standing in the back.


We found out the owner of Rhino’s also manages Champions Sports Bar two blocks down, hidden on an alley off Wisconsin. So we roamed over there. More upscale and expensive than Rhino’s, Champions had a classier feel with less ruckus. Bartender and grad student Wendy Hickman poses with server Yulia (who wouldn’t give us her last name because she works for a sheriff).


Champions opened on September 4th, and has an abundance of couches, nice carpeting, sports paraphernalia and trendy stools. When we counted 3,2,1 for the picture this guy thought we were snapping him the ball.


Rhino told us they and McFadden’s on Pennsylvania go head to head on their Jägermeister sales. So we checked it out. Neither bar knows exactly who’s winning, but both claim to sell the most Jager in the city. Thought college was all about beer? Now it’s Jagerbombs. You can be any fan and come to McFadden’s, although you should be aware it caters to three hundred Bills fans every Sunday.


Pro-Pave’s Rolando Perez and Virginia Hospital Center nurse Alejandra Penaloza tell us they’ve been rooting the ‘Skins for 21 years. (Though we could swear Perez looks exactly like the Steelers player on the screen.)  After all the hootin’ and the hollerin’, the ‘Skins lost. But they’ll be back. (Customers and team.)


DNC Election Night Watch Party (Mayflower Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Ave, 7:30PM): The official Dems watch party. Will the accessory of choice be streamers or Kleenex? It's up to the voters now.

Ultrabar (911 F Street N.W. 8-11PM): Former American Idol Contestant Antonella Barba and ElectionMall.com are teaming up to throw the largest election dance party tonight. Dance for joy, or dance your woes away. $50 for open bar, $30 without it. 

Busboys and Poets (2021 14th Street N.W. 6-1AM) The election watching party here starts early and ends late. Party if things go your way, never go home if things don't.


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