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October 8, 2008


Welcome to great new partner New Line Cinema. For your chance to receive a complimentary pass to the special advanced screening of PRIDE AND GLORY in Washington, DC on Monday, Oct. 20th, log on to and input BISNOW4753. The first 40 to do so will receive a pair of free tix.


Can't make it to Munich? Last night's Pilsner Fest at Local 16 surely did the Bavarian capital justice. Free Pilsner Urquell (that's right, free!) and complimentary bratwurst were there to line everybody's stomach. We washed out our steins and ironed our lederhosen for the rooftop bash.


MillerCoors' Brian Reames and Antonio Matarazzo flank recent University of Washington grad Linsey Battan and 2nd grade teacher Joanna Lee. Joanna taught everyone a valuable lesson in sharing their free booze and brats.


Financial analyst Polina Goubaimov and software sales consultant Kamari Wheeler. Polina, a recent DC transplant (Moscow, via Atlanta), loves DC's laid-back nightlife. She will be shattered to find out every night isn't free beer night.


Premium Distribution's P.H. McLaughlin and bar owner Martin Corboy (McFadden's, Blaguard, Angry Inch). P.H., doing his part to bail out the economy, just returned from an all-out shopping spree in San Francisco. A true patriot.


Premium's Anna Gorman, Digisource's Joe Fruscello, independent consultant Benson Hedges, and Booz Allen's Mike Clark. Joe just returned from Greece where he says he challenged a UFC fighter to a wrestling match. Considering he's responsive and standing upright, we're skeptical.


Firefighter Ramon Long and political consultant Elizabeth Brown. The two have been dating for five years. Some political clients could probably use firefighters these days.


Life isn't all about free drinks and sausages. We headed to the Newseum last night to check out the Washington Contractor Awards. Although we didn't take home any honors (have they not seen our erector set?), we did get to catch up with esteemed guests Clark's Jessica Wolford and L. Shea Delutis-Smith.


Parkinson Construction's Nigel Parkinson and Bank of Georgetown's Keith Harding. Nigel calls Keith the city's most progressive banker because, unlike some, he still actually lends money! If you find this subject a little wonky, you can read more in our real estate edition, where readers appreciate such things.


TOMS SHOES FUNDRAISER & SOCIAL (BeBar, 1318 9th NW, 6pm-9pm): This fundraiser helps give shoes to children in need. Think about it the next time you say you "need" a new pair of kicks.

DRUNKEN JENGA (Rock and Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE): The children's favorite gets a rowdy makeover. Much more fun than drunken Hungry Hungry Hippos, tipsy Battleship, and loopy Mousetrap.

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