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November 5, 2008



Change may be coming to Washington, but last night Washington seemed pretty happy about it. Neither the drizzle nor wind could stop the parties all over DC, and we were at all the hot spots to catch victory fever


At Ultra Bar on F St, American Idol finalist Antonella Barba and electionmall.com CEO Ravi Singh hosted a thumping dance party to celebrate the election process and drink the night away. Bisnow caught a one-on-one interview with Antonella which we'll have for you tomorrow. But let's keep this election electricity going with the rest of the festivities.


Brightestyoungthings.com and Scion threw the night's wildest and craziest party. With a moon bounce, open bar, popcorn, cotton candy, bikini crew, and an excellent DJ, people almost forgot the election. Hipsters waited in droves to get into this funhouse at Bohemian Caverns on 11th and U, and the line extended out of view.  Above, site founders Cale and Svetlana yell for Obama's victory in front of a moon bounce full of tipsy girls.


Howard student Jessica Dye, and USCRI's Allyson Page and Alexandra Spector wait in line for cotton candy.


Lindy Promotions and DC Metromix hosted Ballot 4 Beer, which united four bars near the Hill-Tortilla Coast, Bullfeathers, Thai Roma, and Tune Inn- and created one roaming political party. (We hope that tomorrow, in true DC fashion, they revert to being sworn enemies.) With specials like 50 cent tacos, $2 Miller Lites, games, prizes, and more, who wouldn't want to parade around Capitol Hill? Above, Metromix girls Laura Aizkalns, Samantha Carter, and Theresa Nguygen give away hats, shot glasses, and beads to get the party started at Tortilla Coast on C St.


Smithsonian Archivist Jayna Hanson and GWU grad student Laura Wilson eat with pals and watch the election coverage in Bullfeathers on D St.


Need some Yelp? Even the most delirious of voters could find The Darlington House on 20th Street, thanks to its beacon spotlights swirling through the cloudy sky.  Yelp.com took over three floors of the building to throw a classy, sophisticated bash. Problem was getting in. The line was preposterous. Once inside, the house was packed with tons of free things including free beer, massages, shoe shines, and Maker's Mark. We even got free lip balm! Washington Post's Anne Cynamon, PR consultant Dana Marguarat, and Fairwinds Partners' Liz Sweezey lit up the bar.


Peroni Beer promotion girls Cathy Roncal and Linsey Battan were there to make sure everyone knew they were drinking the #1 Italian beer.


Videographer Shawn Gallagher enjoyed a free shoe shine compliments of Canadian Club Whiskey. With a new president in office, nothing is more important than shiny shoes. (Except, of course, that free massage, and maybe a better economy.)


Sure, there's nothing wrong with watching results at home while cuddling up with Anderson Cooper, but those who wanted to party with the DNC were at the Mayflower Hotel. You can tell it's a partisan crowd because even the smallest victories (Delaware, Illinois, or a new batch of salsa hitting the table) were cheered ferociously. Above, NCEC's Kathy Jones (in the hat) is joined by family and friends Ryan Bethune, Qiana Walker, Shaliece McAlpin, Briana McAlpin, Abeni Cooper, and husband Robert Jones. Kathy tells us her clan trekked up from Fort Washington, MD, and wasn't goin' home until Obama's acceptance speech. 


It wouldn't be election night without analysis, so we Metro'd to 6th and I in Chinatown, where National Review executive editor Peter Scoblic (above), RFK advisor Peter Edelman, and GW law professor Jeffery Rosen provided context for the results. But just because it was educational doesn't mean we couldn't enjoy free burgers, dogs and bangin' chocolate brownies. Peter's new book, U.S. Vs. Them, is about the Bush Administration's good vs. evil worldview. We were thinking of telling Peter that there is no Us or Them anymore, and no Red America or Blue America, only the United States of America, but we figured our plagiarism might be noticed to the 400 Obama fans behind him.


Busboys and Voters, er, we mean Poets on 14th was so packed, the fire marshal would've fainted if he walked by. The line to get in went from V St to U St, and the manager had to stop people from going in until others came out. But nobody was leaving this energized shindig. CBS 9 and NBC 4 were there with cameras rolling to grab reaction shots as Obama kept those states comin'. Marketing crew Alisha Byrd, Michael Chan, and Kat Hansen poured Democratic juice into the "Obameter" to celebrate his electoral gains. We'll forgive Alisha for those closed eyes because she was dreaming of an Obama victory. Seems she got her wish.

Obama celebrations still going on? Email waychill@bisnow.com with your insider info. We'll crash the party.

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