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October 10, 2008


Biggest party of the season—and it's free: Bisnow's Democrats v. Republicans Hip Happy Hour. 1,500 people from all Washington industries. The great Park at Fourteenth. Oct 15, 6-8 PM, stay and watch the debate. No charge, but you must sign up!


Not too many bar venues we know (and we know quite a number) rival the urban frat scene of Adams Morgan. During the week you can stroll along the 18th Street strip and pop in for quick drinks. On weekends, however, you may have to sniff stale beer, step over passed-out bodies, dodge punches from stray fights, and endure a line or two at the dozens of bars on the avenue. An entire night is needed to experience a fraction of what "The Mo" has to offer; just don't spend your cab fare on Jumbo Slice.


2450 18th St NW

Bars in Adams Morgan are like weeds: As soon as one disappears, another immediately fills its place. This movie-themed bar occupies the old Angry Inch space, and its Heath Ledger homage frescoed on the wall is an indicator of how new the hangout is. Happy hour lasts from 6-10, so clear your after-work schedule.


2446 18th St NW

Get tanked in this aquatic-themed watering hole (for the record, we don't endorse getting tanked; we just can't avoid metaphors). Three floors make it one of the neighborhood's biggest, and smokers seem to rejoice at its rooftop deck. Bring an ID with a local zip code for discounted drinks. Just don't try to drink from one of the many aquariums; the bartender will gladly pour you something.


2461 18th St NW

Remember the bar in Road House, and how it looked before Patrick Swayze turned it around? There you have storied Madam's Organ, a rowdy, crowded bar's bar complete with the best live music (that's not being performed behind chicken wire) around. They proudly declare being voted best bar in America (although they may have just polled guests stumbling out at 3AM).


2321 18th St NW

This sophisticated whiskey bar is one of the few places on the 18th Street strip you'll find filled on a weekday night. The clientele isn't your standard Adams Morgan fare; a hip, subdued crowd drinks from the expansive (and sometimes expensive) whiskey and (gasp!) bourbon menu.


2315 18th St NW

No, this building has not been condemned, it's just Dan's Cafe. People usually think going here is a good idea after seven too many. What this windowless closet lacks in charm, it makes up for in savings. Perhaps the best drink deals in Adams Morgan, with flasks of liquor being a specialty. You can even order those travel-sized bottles you get on airplanes and Amtraks (for the drinker on the go).


TONIGHT: RENAISSANCE MAN OF THE HAPPY HOUR (M Bar, 1143 Hampshire Ave. NW, 4-8): Any drink with a man's name (Jack and Jim included) is just $4. Save the Shirley Temples for another day.

SATURDAY: TASTE OF GEORGETOWN (Wisconsin & M, NW, 11am-4pm): For just 5 bucks a taste, you can sample some of G-town's best cuisine. Don't eat until 11am Saturday to get your money's worth.

SUNDAY: The Australian Pink Floyd Show (513 13th St. N.W, 7pm): Welcome to the machine, mate. These Aussies cover everyone's favorite progressive classic rock band.

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