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November 6, 2008



21-year-old American Idol Finalist Antonella Barba brought some glamour to DC for her election party Tuesday night at the Ultra Bar on F Street. As Manager of Public Relations for electionmall.com, Antonella was put in charge of creating the coolest election night party. She’s so good at her job she knew us on a first name basis when we walked up the red carpet.   


Bisnow: What the heck are you doing here?!

Antonella: I went to school here. I just graduated in August from Catholic University, so I’ve been in DC for school.

B: What was your major?

A: Architecture, but right now I’m doing PR stuff for electionmall, like this party.

B: What have you been doing all day to prepare for this huge event?

A: Adding your names to the V.I.P. list of course. I’ve been dealing with all the guest lists and getting the place ready for tonight.
The Hawthorn

A view of Antonella’s party from the bloggers’ lounge on the second floor.

B:  What else have you been up to? Still singing?

A: Sure, I am going to be recording some singles in Atlanta, so I’m excited about that.

B:  So tell us, is Ryan Seacrest cool or is the jerk he portrays in “Knocked Up” more accurate?

A: No, Ryan is a sweetheart. But he’s a robot. The Ryan you see is the Ryan we see. He’s always on. He is always in Ryan mode even behind the scenes. But he’s a great guy.

B: Just a mechanical robot.

A: (Laughs) He does so much, he’s so busy, I guess he has to be.

B: Did you hate Simon by the end? Is he really a monster in real life?

A: Simon isn’t as bad as everyone says. He is friendly behind the scenes and approachable. He told me after I was cut that I should be an actress. He’s great.

B: Did he ever retract rude statements he said on the show afterwards?

A: No, Simon would never take anything he said back, but he wouldn’t bring work behind the scenes. He never spoke to us about singing off set.

B: Paula’s mentally insane, right?

A: No! Paula’s awesome. She’s so sweet and personable. She was my favorite.

B: We heard she isn’t happy about this possible new judge. You know anything about this?

A: No! And I wanna know! I haven’t heard anything. Is it true?

B: We thought you would know!

A: No, I heard all the rumors but I have no clue if that’s true. I like the three of them. I can’t imagine a fourth judge. I thought Idol had a good thing going with the three.

B: Will you watch the new season?

A: We’ll see (laughs).

B: Single?

A: No actually, I’m taken. My boyfriend and I have known each other for years. We met in grammar school!

Obama and McCain weren’t your only options on Tuesday. We considered Dr. Seuss.  His wife decided he should run for President via his art.  The P and C Art Gallery in Alexandria is one of 10 around the country showing Seuss’s political work at an exhibit called Dr. Seuss for President.  We always suspected the Grinch was a Republican, but apparently beyond his 44 children’s stories, Theodor Seuss Geisel was extremely political.

Art consultant Anna Coulson tells us the exhibit will remain at the gallery until they sell out. (If Seuss won the election, we assume the rest would have hung in the Oval Office.) Did we mention all the pieces are for sale? They’re not originals, but works like Yertle the Turtle and The Sneetches still rake in $225 to $16,000. Anna stands next to The Earth Friendly Lorax, which is obviously a political commentary on healthcare.  No, foreign oil dependency.  Actually, it’s meant to engage individuals to conserve resources and be friends of the earth. In fact, fifteen trees will be planted if you buy it, and 20,000 will be planted by the end of the exhibit.  Maybe Obama will take up some of Seuss’s political agenda.





Cat from the Wrong Side of the Tracks, above, is going for $14,350. When it comes to animals and sports, we’ll stick to Dogs Playing Poker.


At the exhibit’s opening, buyers chewed on green eggs and ham, and fine wine. Anna tells us the campaign has brought more foot traffic and helped surface Seuss’s secret political side. The gallery is located on King Street and also has locations in Tysons and Georgetown.


President Affair Party (LOTUS - 1420 K ST N.W. Tonight at 9PM): Celebrate the election outcome in style with free admission all night, and an open bar from 9-11PM. Free entry? Free drinks? This place will be out of business by midnight.

BARACK THE BLOCK (F.U.R. - 33 Paterson N.E. Friday at 9PM): We're guessing the party is out on the street, celebrating Obama's victory. So bring a bullhorn! Premium open bar from 9-11PM and Free Ciroc Obama Martinis! Little secret between you and us - text 41411 to get VIP admission.

"The Great Book of Washington DC Sports Lists" Book signing (Barnes and Noble in Georgetown, Tonight at 7:30PM):  Authors Andy Pollin and Leonard Shapiro will be there to discuss and sign their new book, which includes topics such as the most lopsided trades in local sports history, and most overrated athletes to play in DC. Be there to shake their hands in agreement, or fight them.

Reston Limo
Casa Noble
Pride and Glory
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