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January 3, 2012 
Sutherland LTIle

PGI Energy knows what happens when you teach a man to fish. (He eats for a lifetime and stops bothering his wife.) So it just secured a 6-year contract to give the people of Liberia the know-how and resources to make a better life from their land’s riches.
We stopped by PGI’s office in the Galleria area where CIO Robert Gandy and president Allen Robinson told us that many energy companies are interested in the vast riches Africa has to offer. But as Christian men of faith, Robert says PGI Energy sees the Liberian people as the greatest resource and it is PGI Energy’s mission to build this nation from the ground up. The land is blessed with crude oil, palm oil, a gold mine, and several minerals, they tell us. Allen says in order to harvest these riches, basic human needs must first be met, and at the top of the list is medical facilities. Robert says if a person is injured working, there has to be a place where he can be treated.
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The contract joins PGI Energy, Pythagoras Group (a boutique investment bank), and the Liberian government to develop River Gee County's infrastructure through humanitarian and economic processes. Spearheading the effort is COO Arael Doolittle (sleeves rolled up, ready to work) and electrical expert Joe Estes (far left). Here they're meeting with the Liberian people in the summer of 2010. Arael says one of the first things the Liberians asked for was thousands of shovels because when they tried to work the land, this “black stuff” coming out of the ground would gunk them up. Joe, Robert, Arael and Allen plan to go to Liberia later this month for the inauguration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Joe is holding wood pellets and syngas while Arael is holding a sample of chard. (They swear these are not their lunches today) Wood pellets fuel portable water systems where water can be filtered and heated and there is one electrical outlet on the unit. The syngas and chard are fuels that can be made from recycled rubber and other debris. A lot of destruction occurred during the civil war that ended in 2003, so recycling serves to clean up the nation. Revenue-producing markets include land/agriculture, food production potentials, tree crop, mining, gold, rough diamond, iron ore, natural gas, forestry, timber, crude oil, etc. A big portion of revenues of these resources will go toward Liberian housing.

Specifics of ExxonMobil’s campus, or “community” as they like to refer to it, have been highly protected, but a new video on YouTube offers a more in-depth look at the sprawling officeopolis. US real estate strategy project exec Mike Brown delivers virtual videos of the complex that will stand about 20 miles north of Houston. It will house the company’s upstream and chemical workers as well as those in HQ functions and the associated chaired services. Moves will take places in phases in early 2014 and be completed mid-year 2015. Total square footage at the 385-acre facility is still under wraps. To see the clip, click here.

The Sugar Land Skeeters have changed the name of their facility to Constellation Field because of the merger of StarTex Power and Constellation Energy Group. The new minor league Triple A baseball team’s field was previously named StarTex Power Field prior to the company’s purchase in May. Constellation bought StarTex for $142.5M, acquiring 165k Texas customers. Total ballpark capacity will be about 7,500 for baseball (expandable to 10,000) and 9,500 in concert configuration. Opening Day is April 26.
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