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September 9, 2008



We realize Bisnow may not be your only source of information. But if our relationship can't be exclusive, at least we can introduce you to a couple local blogs. If your idea of a good time is to be in front of the next wave of patient-centered technology innovations, you should check them out.


Don't be alarmed that we met Karthik Raman in the children's section of the Rockville library. We're pretty sure he actually reads at least on an 8th grade level. If you're a hospital looking to innovate, read his http://www.healthcaremanagementblog.com, a site that tracks interesting uses of hospital technology. The healthcare community is not known for sharing innovative (and thus profitable) ideas, so a site that aggregates top ideas is priceless. His most recent post details Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Smart Room that automatically ID's whoever enters a patient's room and delivers relevant information—medication due, patient vitals, allergies—to a computer screen.


Karthik started the blog to organize ideas for his own job—senior consultant at Adventist Healthcare. But it didn't stay personal for long. He has readers in over 25 countries and has added several co-editors. He plans to expand the site's content with interviews such as a forthcoming conversation with Carepages CEO Eric Langshur. He's even contacted by readers in his native India. "They're 10 to 20 years behind technologically," so they check out the site to predict where to invest.


Two months ago, Ted Eytan left a job as Medical Director for Informatics at Group Health in Seattle, packed his bags, and moved to DC. His mission: empower patients through technology. Since then, no longer bogged down by the shackles of corporate life (read, unemployed), he's trolled the streets and logged his observations at http://www.tedeytan.com. He uses everyday incidents, like finding a stranger face down on a busy DC sidewalk, to spark larger healthcare discussions about the importance of having accessible patient records. By the way, did you notice that both Karthik and Ted, Internet mavens, were photographed outside, and not in a computer lab somewhere? So much for stereotypes.


This Friday, Ted and other health/tech leaders converge for HealthCamp DC, a conference on increasing patient participation using web tools (think Microsoft and Google). It's free to take part, so sign up here. Also, starting today, Ted's no longer just a rogue blogger. He was hired by as a Medical Director at the Permanente Foundation, assuring him some institutional backing from a cutting edge health group. Even though he's once again employed, he assures us the blogging will continue.

Curtis Raye is looking for success stories in running a profitable medical practice. What've you got? Curtis@Bisnow.com

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