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September 23, 2008

Obama v. McCain
on Health Policy

Reminder: Submissions for the Bisnow Green Leadership Awards are due Sept 25. Thanks to partners USGBC-NCR, George Washington University, and the Tower Companies, with additional guidance from the University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering and SB NOW. The Lerner and Abramson familes host the awards dinner October 28. We aim to make it the easiest competition you've ever entered: Firms should provide no more than one informal page of bullet points about how you're promoting green.  More info here.


Healthcare advisors for Barack Obama and John McCain squared off Thursday at GW. Jay Khosla (McCain) sparred with Dora Hughes (Obama) on issues of health policy and technology. Moderator was NPR’s health policy correspondent Julie Rovner. You can watch the entire debate here, or just read our tale-of-the-tape.






Stem Cell Research

“McCain obviously supports it because he’s voted for it.”

“I derive little comfort from that response.”


Cost Containment

Payment reform. Tort reform. Reform reform.

Invest $50 billion in electronic medical records.


Health Disparities

Against them.

Me too.


(to be fair, Khosla singled out community health centers, while Hughes mentioned the medical home model.

Health Insurance

$5,000 tax credit to every family. Allow insurance to be sold across state lines. Payment should be based on better outcomes, not increased volume.

Build on top of the current private system and include an employer-mandate. Small businesses are exempt. Expand Medicaid and SCHIP.

Patients.  Just kidding.

Tort Reform

We need more doctors. Without tort reform, that doesn’t happen.

There’s something to be said for regulation. Just ask Wall Street.

Jury’s still out . . .


After the event, the audience circled around Dora (kind of like she was a “celebrity”). Julie didn’t receive the same amount of attention, but she receives our accolades for her tough questions. And while she managed to resist plugging her own book, we’ll do it for her: The latest edition of Health Care Policy and Politics A-Z is on bookshelves now.

Loudoun’s Brand New ICU

Congrats to Inova Loudoun chair of Internal Medicine Ignacio Mediguren for two achievements: Winning Bisnow’s Best Tie of the Week Award and the opening of their new 11,600 square foot ICU and 6k SF Respiratory Therapy department. The tie award garners no prize but with a new ICU he wins: 12 beds, all with flat-screen TVs, and four equipped with negative air pressure for isolation. It’s the first NoVA ICU to feature ceiling-mounted medical equipment (rather than wall-mounted) for 360-degree access to the patient. The other floors of the four-story building (including pharmacology unit and 14-bed pediatric unit) are scheduled for staggered completion between fall ‘08 and mid-2009. We suggest pushing back all openings until after the holiday gift-giving season if he wants to defend his tie title.

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