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August 8, 2008

No Medical License,
No Problem


You may not know that Bisnow on Business is located just below Dupont Circle, and we have a large storefront window. And at one point, not wanting to waste the great locale, we considered selling something (cupcakes, lemonade, nothing fancy) only to realize that strict government regulation made selling food not worth the effort. Well, thanks to a chat with dermatologist Larry Green at his Shady Grove office, we've finally found something completely unregulated. We don't want to spoil the surprise, but our new slogan is: Bisnow: Come for the news, stay for the Botulism.


OK, not really, but cosmetic procedures are unregulated, and Larry's working diligently to change that. He's putting pressure on the Maryland Board of Physicians to limit who can perform them. Currently, only laser hair removal requires physician supervision. Everything else—from botox to intense pulse light treatments—is fair game for non-physicians. In the spring, he petitioned the board to take up the issue at their September meeting but has not heard back. In January, he addressed the board on behalf of multiple professional organizations. Making the case that physicians should be accountable for anybody who practices cosmetic medicine in the state, he explained that patients are being harmed—many times irreparably—when they have procedures done without physician presence.


Larry gave us a copy of his speech, and here's our favorite quote regarding one particularly egregious unsupervised spa: "There is no scientific evidence that the material they use does anything close to liposuction, and this injectable substance also is not FDA approved and in fact has been banned in Kansas." While our own phone calls to the Maryland Board of Physicians have yet to be returned, we suspect an unfavorable comparison to Kansas on matters of science will at least get their attention. Should this effort fail, Larry will also be working Capitol Hill in early September as a member of the American Academy of Dermatology's political action committee.

Curtis Raye wants you to know that Otolaryngologist is the only word in the English language that uses every single consonant. Also, you should send him suggestions for interesting people to write about or else he'll be forced to just make up more facts like that one. Curtis@Bisnow.com

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