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September 11, 2008

Medicare: Just Let it Go


We recently wrote about some docs who pondered dropping Medicare; then we countered with another who couldn’t afford that. Well, you’re not going to believe this, but it seems Medicare is too complex to fully encapsulate in two brief (albeit delightful) articles. According to psychiatrist Kim Jones-Fearing, she also couldn’t afford to drop Medicare. . . until she did. Even though her hand was forced, she says it left her much more relaxed. We ventured to Burtonsville to find out more.


Kim’s not typically the one on the couch, but we dutifully asked “And how does that make you feel?” to get her story. After 17 years of practice, she dropped Medicare in January because of bureaucratic wrangling (wrong addresses, lost applications) over her need to change tax ID’s. She also left her unhelpful billing company and started submitting her own claims using MediSoft software. The money saved by self-submitting helped keep rates affordable (they only changed from $33/session to $40), and she retained almost all her Medicare patients. She says submitting her own claims actually saved her time because she can react to denials much more quickly than a billing company.


Kim says she’ll look for compelling reasons to return to Medicare, but does not expect to find any. Medicare remains unwieldy even while private insurance companies are facing increased regulation such as recent Mental Health Parity laws forbidding higher co-pays for mental health. Kim’s advice: Keep Senator Ben Cardin’s office in your rolodex. During the most frustrating times last month, she says Cardin’s staff always had the ear of Medicare officials who could fix problems. They’ve also said if she decides to opt back into Medicare, they can navigate that winding road.


Kim once caught a fish thiiiis big. Well, maybe not quite. But she did see a shark that size while snorkeling last month at Molokini crater in Hawaii. She admits her success in retaining Medicare patients might not apply to other specialties less reliant on tight doctor-patient relationships. However, if we use one’s ability to exaggerate about fish (and golf handicaps) as a gauge, we find shrinks and other specialists really aren’t that different.

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