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May 28, 2008



What do you do when Larry King offers his services at your Metabolic Syndrome panel? Same thing you always do when Larry King wants to help. Stick him behind a microphone and get out of the way. King recently moderated top health experts at GW Hospital as part of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation's outreach efforts (read about his Ritz fundraiser in a previous issue.) We'll take your calls in a moment, but first, let's meet the panelists...


American Diabetes Association's Richard Kahn, Kaiser Family Foundation's Larry Levitt, Larry King, Microsoft's James Mault, NHLBI's Betsy Nabel, and Roche Diabetes Care's Andreas Stuhr.  King was vintage, maintaining order but allowing the panel quotable moments. James called America's current era the "The Dark Ages" in reference to progress digitizing healthcare. He says 91% of the public favors storing health data electronically, and (conveniently) Microsoft has platform that can do it: Microsoft HealthVault. But it wasn't all shills and giggles. Betsy says Metabolic Syndrome—a cluster of symptoms that includes high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and large waist circumference—is more common than ever. But there's hope. She cited Finland as an example of country that reduced heart disease cases by having a national health message and targeting these symptoms. (We suspect one reason might be that the Finns don't have a translation for a euphemism such as waist circumference.)


GW's Cardiology Director Richard Katz gave The Fonz (aka Larry King) a quick tour of the new Cheney Cardiovascular Institute. When he's not going for rides on Larry's motorcycle, Richard is using new genomic markers to assess risk. One cheek swab, and he can test for 26 diseases. (With two cheek swabs they can match you up to your soul mate, but that'll cost ya' a little extra).


Not to be outdone, Larry King Jr., President of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation,  got into the act during Q & A and asked the panel the best way to implement their ideas. (Perhaps he's itching for Dad's seat at CNN?) Panelist Richard Kahn says the ADA is using new math models to do risk assessment. (Both Richard Kahn and Richard Katz are working on risk assessment; seems to be a high level of paranoia in the Richard community.) For now, those equations might be best used finding cheap plane tickets. Come summer, Richard's joining his kids for a trip to China.

For those of you who can only comprehend Larry King in video form, here's our first Medical Bisnow Video:



Recently we've seen Patti LaBelle and Seal headline fundraisers (re-read about 'em in our archives at www.Bisnow.com), but we were on hand the other day as the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) went with local talent, at a spirited political roundtable, to woo donors at the National Press Club. They thought we flashed a press pass to get in, but actually it was a Safeway Card

BCAN President Diane Zipursky Quale, second from right, with NBC's David Gregory, NY Times' David Brooks, PBS's Gwen Ifill, and CBS's Bob Schieffer. Diane said that BCAN has two books due out this year, including a collaboration with Johns Hopkins about living with bladder cancer. Brooks riffed on Vice Presidential choices.  After noting that Barack Obama needs somebody with military experience and John McCain needs somebody younger than himself, he suggested they both pick Dwight Eisenhower (a joke he repeated in yesterday's NY Times, which means . . . Bisnow scooped the Times).

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