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May 1, 2008


For those of you who don't know us, Bisnow on Business is the "People Magazine" of local Washington business, and today we launch our newest niche, Medical Services. We try to inform and entertain you—all at once—with fun pictures even. If you're interested in other industries or our background, check us out at www.Bisnow.com.


We are not making this up; Pierre Vigilance really is the name of the new guy heading the DC Health Department. We met him yesterday at a luncheon co-hosted by the Board of Trade and MetroTeen AIDS, a community health organization, where he was the guest of honor marking his 30th day on the job. 


We promised to tell everyone Pierre's sandwich was 100% whole wheat, but the camera doesn't lie. Neither, we assume, did Metro TeenAIDS Exec Direc Adam Tenner, when he said he's already noticed more Health Department collaboration with non-profits since Pierre has taken over. But Pierre also came down hard on the city saying that, with all the "intellectual capital" here, it ought to have more innovative ways to reach people about wellness. (We've never been so flattered by an insult.) He has his own ideas like a care- extender model that doesn't assume patients will seek out doctors when they're sick. (Bisnow summary: Basically, he wants to formalize your mother's voice in the back of your head: "You better get that checked out.")


Dr. Lawrence D'Angelo, Division Chief at Children's National always has plenty to discuss with Consumer Health Foundation president Margaret O'Bryan.  Margaret helps allocate grants to Lawrence (and other grantees) through her role on the policy committee at the Washington AIDS Partnership. Lawrence is touting Children's new support efforts, such as job programs, for HIV- infected youth. He came to the event not only to welcome Dr. Vigilance but also because he founded Metro TeenAids almost 20 years ago. They grow up so fast, don't they?



Schering Plough's Gary Riddle, BOT Chair (and Bank of America local president) Bill Couper, and Metro TeenAids board member Marci Young (with her name tag blurred for national security reasons). Marci was excited about Metro TeenAIDS' new social networking outreach, called Real Talk. One aspect is text messages to inform kids about screenings. Bill came to hear more from Pierre on the business side of wellness. For example, Pierre said it's a waste of money for employers to offer healthcare programs that pay for annual physicals if you don't require people to get one. If employers work harder to maintain a healthy workforce, they'll save money. (Translation: When Ted in accounting requests a sauna in the breakroom, he's only trying to help your bottom line.)

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