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September 4, 2008

All in the
Family-Centered Care


We assumed family-centered care was the norm in DC. After all, studies show collaboration between families and doctors improves outcomes and reduces mistakes. Plus, declaring oneself anti-family just seems like bad PR, no? However Institute for Family-Centered Care CEO Bev Johnson tells us DC has been a slow adopter of the family-centered model. We visited the Bethesda-based non-profit for some tips on where to begin.


Bev's a local, so her assertions about DC are backed with personal stories of local attending physicians, on rounds, discussing her mother-in-law's condition with everyone (interns, residents, nurses) except her.  No surprise then that Institute strongly advocates reforming rounds to include the patient and family. Another easy step is to make end-of-shift nursing reports more inclusive. No more huddling in conference rooms; instead, include the family, discuss the care plan, and introduce them to the nurse on duty. Mistakes are drastically reduced when the information exchange includes those most familiar with the patients.


Wouldn't Information Specialist Barbara Kahl and Special Projects Director Julie Moretz be great in those Mac/PC commercials? Come October, they're leading an intensive training seminar in Calgary (seats still available, sign up at their website). You'll be in good company if you go, as National Naval Medical Center is sending more than a dozen representatives. (Always nice to have local friends there to pass notes in the back.) Their International Conference takes place in Philadelphia in August '09. Seems far away, but if you're submitting a paper, abstracts are due in three weeks. Stop procrastinating.


Yes, they have plenty of data in those reports, but Barbara gave us the Cliffs Notes: One, family members are more than just visitors. Two, doctors don't have to give up any power, but also don't take it away from the patients and families who manage care every other day of the year. One final tip: The next time you think a broken metro escalator is making your day endless, just remember that Julie used to be a patient and family leader at MCG health system in Georgia and still commutes each week from the Peach State. Now that's commitment.

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