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    October 24, 2008  
Katten's Night Out

Big shout-out to great sponsor Andrews Kurth. Five attorneys in New York and DC were selected to appear in Super Lawyers 2008. Congratulations!


Last night we bundled up and headed to 2900 K for a bash with 250 others to celebrate Katten's fancy new office. It opened in July, but the firm held off the housewarming 'til now so it would have that cozy lived-in look. The theme was "A Night Out in Georgetown," so of course it featured . . .


Georgetown Cupcakes! Errr, sorry, we got distracted for a second by our highly edible parting gift. What we actually meant to say is that the party featured . . .


Fine Katten attorneys like Bruce Kosub, left, who has a special connection to the new digs. He repped the Carlyle Group in its purchase of a majority stake in 2900 K, and it just so happens that Carlyle's Adam Buchwald, right, was on hand last night. Completing this thematic pic is Christopher Clarke of Terra Nova Title & Settlements, who also worked the closing. Bruce splits his time between Dallas and DC, but we've discovered where his true allegiance lies, and you might not like it: Yep, he's a Cowboys fan.


DC managing partner Roger Furey, right, is still riding his bike to work despite dipping temps. (He told us the cold doesn't bother him, but we'll ask again in January.) We gathered him here with a good chunk of the 60-lawyer DC office. From left: Robyn Mandel, Sean Gordon, Stefan Bough, powerhouse real estate litigator Scott Morrison (currently representing Herb Miller in D.C. Superior Court litigation with Anthony Lanier over the Georgetown Park mall), and friend-of-the-firm Jonathan Baldwin of Wye River Holdings.


By the way, see the marble tabletop used in the conference rooms? Partner and space planning committee member Wendy Fields had a heck of a time getting it to DC. The first shipment from Greece didn't have the right color and the second scattered on the highway in transit. All in all, it took Wendy two trips to New Jersey, one emergency flight to Chicago, and a drive to a warehouse in a sketchy Windy City neighborhood to finally pick out the perfect slabs. We figured all that effort deserved its own pic.


Brad Bernstein of CIM Group, Katten's Charlotte managing partner Dan Huffenus, IP associate Rebecca McDougal, Chesapeake Capital's Matt Brunner (President) and Barrett Winfrey, and litigation associate Mandie Landry. We found this group wisely stationed near the green-tea-rubbed prime rib and other bounties catered in by Mie N Yu. We highly recommend the fruit sushi, which we sampled for you in the name of research. You're welcome.


Here's another CIM Group representative, Terra Weirich, with Katten's Rori Malech. CIM (which you should say correctly, C-I-M, if you don't want a scolding from Terra, btw) is a private equity real estate investment group, and last year Rori helped it close on its $262M purchase of Union Square. On November 6 you can find Rori at the Knock-Out Abuse Against Women gala at the Ritz—call it the female gender's answer to the annual Fight Night benefit, held the same night. Last year Lenny Kravitz played the room, but Rori was mum on this year's surprise performer.


When we took a sneak peek of the office back in July, we dubbed this nook the Kitty Katten Lounge, and we were very happy to hear that the name has stuck. We simply had to check it out again when we saw Bank of America's philanthropy director Camille Alexander, Katten's Lisa-Marie Monsanto, and Security Storage Company's Monica Boner occupying the sofa. Friends from the Rotary Club of DC, they've got a wine auction at Nationals Park's Stars & Stripes Club on November 1. Everyone at this party seemed to be having a fine time, including us, so . . .


Thanks Katten!

It's getting close to Halloween, and as usual John Ford, Bisnow's Legal Editor, has no idea what to wear. Send costume and/or story ideas to john@bisnow.com.

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