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    April 15, 2008  


Join us for lunch with three of America's top General Counsels: Freddie Mac's Bob Bostrom, the Washington Post's Veronica Dillon, and American Capital Strategies' Sam Flax (largest publicly-held private equity firm in the US; Sam and his team were named WMACCA's law department of the year).  Wed, May 28, at Il Mulino in DC. Sign up here. Thanks to great sponsor Studley.


To mark National Crime Victims Week (April 13-19), we attended a moving prelude event on Thursday—a candlelight ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Flags, with remarks by Attorney General Mike Mukasey and keynote address by celebrated author Dominick Dunne.   


Dunne, Mukasey, Acting Assistant AG for DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs Jeff Sedgwick and U.S. Attorney for DC Jeff Taylor at the event coordinated by the Office for Victims of Crime, a DOJ unit established by the 1984 Victims of Crime Act. Dunne’s daughter, the actress Dominique Dunne, was murdered in 1982. He wrote about his experience at the trial of her killer in Vanity Fair, and has gone on to cover the trials of William Kennedy Smith, Claus Von Bulow, the Menendez brothers, and most extensively, O.J. Simpson. 


Mukasey stops for a word with Donna Duplantier, one of the honorees at Friday’s awards ceremony. Donna, a victim-witness coordinator in the E.D. Louisiana’s U.S. Attorney’s office, was given a Federal Service Award for rebuilding victim services in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She told us she recently obtained funding for two new victim advocates in her office.


Dunne brought his usual wit and eye for detail, at one point describing the hair piece worn by the public defender in the trial of his daughter’s killer. (He also told how the judge in the case called a People magazine photographer into chambers to ask him which of three pairs of glasses looked best on him.) Dunne’s parting shot to a round of cheers: “Becoming an activist is far better than living a life of bitterness.”



We like to stay ahead of the curve, so on Friday we peeked in on the Reagan Center’s “Wired in the Workplace” seminar, part of the two-day DC Judicial and Bar Conference on the future of the workplace.


Lockheed associate GC Susan Dunnings and MoFo’s Ann Stevens and Dan Westman talked about how technology is making confidential client data easier to intercept (cell phone cameras) and distribute. Dan says government contractors are light years ahead of law firms in taking preventative action. Lockheed requires those attending sensitive meetings to lock their phones in a cubby before entering. Another security tip: you can keep attorneys’ CPUs in a secure area of the office (to prevent the use of drives to copy files); all you really need on your desk is a monitor and keyboard.    

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