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    January 14, 2011  
Back to Covington

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Peter Nickles is back in the public eye (well, privately): He’s rejoining Covington, the firm where he spent over 40 years before serving as Mayor Fenty’s GC and DC AG for four years.

Former DC GC and AG Peter Nickles, vacationing in Honolulu before rejoining Covington on January 24.

To those shivering in DC’s frigid temps, we're not taunting you. Honolulu has been Peter's home-away-from-home since leaving the AG position January 1. On January 24, he’ll trade in the Hawaiian shirts (do they call them that if you're actually there?) for business suits in Covington’s new crisis management group. He tells us he’s been working on the team while away; it includes big guns like former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, former NFL commish Paul Tagliabue (a Covington friend of Peter’s for over 30 years), and ABA CEO of 25 years Ed Yingling. The team numbers 65 worldwide, in DC, NY, CA, Beijing, Brussels and London.

Former DC GC and AG Peter Nickles, playing at Ko'olau Golf Club while vacationing in Honolulu before rejoining Covington on January 24.

Ok, we’re officially jealous of this Lost look-alike Ko’olau golf club. Peter’s been coming to Hawaii for the past 15 years, where he and his two sons compete in Iron Man and Ultraman competitions. (That would be three days, 6.2 miles swimming, 261 biking, and 52 running.) Peter tells us he looks forward to international work, particularly helping companies in Asia and the Middle East navigate the U.S. legal system. He calls the team a “one-stop shop” for execs facing a crisis, on issues from PR to court cases to federal investigations.

Former DC GC and AG Peter Nickles, vacationing in Honolulu before rejoining Covington on January 24.

During his AG days, Peter tells us a high point was work he did on increasing gun safety regulations, for which he made numerous appearances before Congress and met with AGs around the country. He says the best possible solution will have to be within 2nd Amendment bounds and should establish several criteria: who can own a gun (eg, no felons), what kind can be sold, and what degree of training is necessary. Last year’s close SCOTUS decision (5-4) on the 2nd Amendment shows states have a right to regulate reasonably (what's left is to decide is what ‘reasonable’ indicates). Peter tells us he was going 24/7 since becoming AG, and after the vacation, isn’t planning on slowing down. He says he sees work like a marathon: “You need to do it intensively if you’re trying to excel.”

New Year's Newbies
Perkins Coie's new Investment Management practice, in their new 700 13th St. office: Joanne Osberg, Molly Moynihan, Gwen Williamson and Marty Lybecker.

New building, new attorneys, new practice: We'll put down a nickel that Marty Lybecker, right, is wearing a new sweater. This group, Joanne Osberg, Molly Moynihan, Gwen Williamson, and Marty, makes up Perkins Coie's new investment management practice. Moving counter to the economy, the DC office doubled its number of attorneys since 2008, and is quickly filling up the extra office space at 700 13th St. The new practice supplements Perkins’ existing business practice and has 14 other attorneys in its Portland, Chicago and Seattle offices.

Perkins Coie's new Investment Management team, Gwen Williamson, Molly Moynihan, and Joanne Osberg.

Molly tells us they’re talking to everyone from investment advisers to family offices about complying with new regs like Dodd-Frank, and to mutual fund boards on implications of recent SCOTUS ruling Jones v. Harris. She tells us they’re building out from a core practice of banking and registered investment funds, ultimately reaching insurance companies. With over 50 clients brought over by Marty and Molly (plus Marty's role as vice-chair of the ABA’s business law section, editor of The Business Lawyer, and prof at Duke Law; and Molly's National Archives board membership), they’re hitting the ground running. Hopefully, Marty’s ABA leadership conference in Puerto Rico this weekend will give him an excuse to slow down… at least until Monday.

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