Simon Cowell warming up for American Idol.

Pop culture icon Simon Cowell was recently spotted on the set of the hugely popular Iranian Idol. Cowell, of American Idol fame, won the American public over with his immoderate brickbat and dry wit. The Brit's acerbic jabs at budding singers have even become the high point of the talent search show. Cowell's hard-line stance on lack of talent may finally be explained.

"I really feel at home here," said Cowell in his markedly English accent. "I can finally give free flow to my creative juices."

Iranian Idol episodes are a cross between American Idol and Survivor. The public votes contestants off; however, it is the contestants who decide on their fatality. The disgraced contestants may choose between beheading, burning, or drowning. At the end of the season, the last man standing wins a purse of $10,000.