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March 20, 2008



Andy Briscoe, CEO of The Sugar Association, wants you to know two things: Sugar doesn’t have as many calories as you think (only 15 per teaspoon—we’re actually shocked); and it’s all natural.  The association has spent $12 million over the last three years promoting the fact it’s totally different from chemistry-lab wonders like aspartame. So when members felt a competing sweetener, Splenda, was co-opting sugar’s “natural” message, the Sugar Association filed its first-ever lawsuit.


Andy’s such a believer in going on offense that he gives a symbolic football helmet to his Chairmen after they’ve served their two-year terms. The association put its suit against Splenda in the playbook three years ago, after the food police at the Center for Science in the Public Interest made Andy aware that 47% of Splenda users thought the product was “natural.” The Sugar Association responded with a false-advertising suit based in part on Splenda’s marketing claim that it’s “Made from Sugar, So It Tastes Like Sugar.” According to Andy, Splenda is made using “a chemical process that replaces 3 atoms of sugar with 3 atoms of chlorine. It’s obviously not natural!” The trial, scheduled for a January 29th start, has been pushed back. 


The association isn’t going halfway with its maiden lawsuit: Litigators from DC’s Squire Sanders are on the job and lead trial counsel will be Houston’s Mark Lanier, best known for notching a $253 million verdict against Merck in the first Vioxx trial. (He later settled nationwide Vioxx claims for $4.5 billion.) Legal talent like that costs millions of dollars a year, but Andy says that members—17 grower co-ops—have gotten behind the suit in a big way.


The recent decision by Jones Soda to switch back to using actual sugar in their recipe (revolutionary concept!) is heartening news to members.  As corn prices rise due to ethanol demand, Andy’s hoping that more and more soft drink and food companies will return to good old natural sugar. In the meantime, you can find all the sugar-based goodies you want—including regional soft drinks like Abita Root Beer and Dublin Dr. Pepper, and even cosmetics such as Coconut Sugar Body Scrub—at the Sugar Association’s e-commerce webpage.

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