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January 7, 2010 

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With conference attendance down 20% and publication sales waning in fall '08, the National Association for the Education of Young Children was bracing for a rough year. But executive director Mark Ginsberg tells us the association came out of 2009 with modest gains and no layoffs.
National Association for the Education of Young Children executive director Mark Ginsberg

Sure, there were lucky breaks; eg, NAEYC happened to release a revised version of its best selling textbook. But it also took the opportunity to roll out a series of distance learning programs and repurposed content on CDs and the web. Among the popular outreach vehicles launched this year: an online radio program.

National Association for the Education of Young Children executive director Mark Ginsberg

The monthly audio podcasts, co-hosted by Mark, have already reached the Top 10 on iTunes. The 10-12 minute episodes, with interviews recorded over the phone, cover early childhood development topics geared toward parents and educators. Mark tells us the free podcasts are promoted through NAEYC's website and an e-newsletter to 100,000 people. It can't hurt that Mark is a radio vet as well. Not only was he a DJ during and after college, he announces for Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts baseball.

Executive coach Tom Pierce

Emotional intelligence is not just a measure of an individual's self-awareness and relationship savvy. Organizations have emotional intelligence (or EQ) too, says executive coach Tom Pierce. Getting your staff to work as a team and understand the emotions of others is more than some touchy-feely management tactic; it affects the business. The good news: Unlike IQ, which you're stuck with (sorry), EQ can improve through open communication and greater direct interaction. Tom says he knew one of his association clients was on the right track when a staffer told him that fewer e-mails were flying back and forth, and they even learned to recognize whose footsteps were coming down the hall.

Executive coach Tom Pierce

In addition to job loss and budget cuts, Tom has one more thing you can blame on the recession: a decline in workplace EQ. He points to a survey from TalentSmart that shows average EQ rising in the workplace over the last decade, then falling off as the markets crashed in 2008. Tom explains that people tend to get anxious and fearful of losing their jobs in a downturn. This means listening skills and empathy are more important than ever. But without 100% commitment from top leaders to change, says Tom, well-meaning people will never reach their potential. Neither will their organizations.

Power Lunch Lookout: Pines of Florence
Pines of Florence

We return to this feature where we ask top organization execs their favorite spots for a business meal. This week: American Society of Travel Agents CEO Bill Maloney. The association leader dines all over the country, but when he's back at his Alexandria office, this is his favorite place for a bite.

Pines of Florence, 1300 King Street, Old Town Alexandria

Dining partners: Association officials and staff.

Atmosphere: Casual, home town, cheerful.

You can find me here: Once or twice a month.

What to order: Pasta.

Where to sit: In a booth or in back with a large group.

Maloney's Synopsis: “It’s what I call cheap & cheerful... Everyone loves home cooking and Italian food is seldom a bad choice.”


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