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October 15, 2008


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Yesterday, we were on hand as Virginia governor Tim Kaine and his top 28 staffers pulled into the Consumer Electronics Association offices in Crystal City. Kaine likes to get out and had asked the Northern Virginia Technology Council to arrange a visit; the NVTC knew the CEA had a special environmental story to tell.


At left, the guv listens as CEA president Gary Shapiro describes CEA's aggressive green agenda, starting with the announcement it will go to a 4-day workweek for all 155 employees. The four employees at the wall told how they benefit from CEA's green programs: One with young children already works at home three days a week, getting a subsidy for half her broadband access charge and saving 2.5 hours a day in commute. A second gets a VRE subsidy, saving 9,000 miles a year and 7,000 lbs in carbon footprint. A third bikes in, using special changing facilities, and the fourth took advantage of a $25,000, 3-year forgivable loan to move to Arlington County. Kaine loved it: He said he believes the next president will announce early on an Apollo-type mission for energy independence and clean energy within a decade.


Gary, third from left, with some of his own top officials: regulatory affairs VP Jamie Hedlund, communications VP Jason Oxman, government affairs SVP Michael Petricone, CES VP Karen Chupka, and CEA Chair Gary Yacoubian, president of Myer Emco. Usually the chair is a manufacturer, but Gary is the association’s first retailer. And for those of you who don’t know what CES stands for, of course that’s the storied Consumer Electronics Show, world’s largest trade show, held each January in Las Vegas with, oh, about 140,000 attendees.

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