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January 4, 2011 
Buzzwords for 2012

We want to make sure you're hip with the latest lingo in the new year, so we've got a round-up of the association and non-profit buzzwords you'll want to start adding to your vocab.
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signing a B Corp bill
Benefit Corporations
Last month, New York became the seventh state to pass legislation recognizing these for-profit businesses for social good, following California, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont, and Hawaii. (Above, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signing a B Corp bill.) We have a feeling you'll be hearing this term a lot more.

The cloud of doubt is lifting from cloud computing. It's no longer a question of if organizations will move their software, platforms, and infrastructure to the cloud, but when.

Social media (and the NBC TV show) has given this word new life. Twitter pros talk about building it online, event gurus talk about creating it in-person.... Sounds like there's a community of community builders.


Not to be confused with crowd surfing. Crowdsourcing fundraising platforms like DonorsChoose, Crowdrise, and Kickstarter are on the rise. Meanwhile, we're seeing more organizations crowdsourcing topics and speakers for their conferences and events. Electronic Retailing Association CEO Julie Coons (above) told us at a recent event that her organization has moved its education to a crowdsourcing model. Nonprofit Technology Network also uses crowdsourced voting to determine the panels at its annual conference.

The days of one-size-fits-all are gone (unless you're in the Snuggie biz). People expect content to be tailored specifically to them. In her book The End of Membership as We Know It, author Sarah Sladek says one of the emerging membership models is a customized one that allows members to pick and choose the programs and services that best suit them.

Deficit reduction
The one thing there won't be a reduction of this year is talk of deficit reduction. The key is to be able to talk about how your organization or the industry it represents is helping, not hurting.

More organizations are looking for ways to harness the power of geo-location to offer better resources and services. As AARP EVP and CIO Matt Mitchell said at a Bisnow tech event, the full value of location-based services has yet to be seen.

ASAE chief technology officer Reggie Henry
Intentional Serendipity
This term comes from ASAE chief technology officer Reggie Henry (above), who wants to use mobile technology to take the "chance" out of chance encounters. People with similar interests can find each other through mobile and online tools rather than random run-ins at the conference snack stations. (No, this doesn't mean the end to snack stations.)


Creating jobs is like creating rainbows and gold in the current political and economic climate. Use this word as much and as often as possible. Feel free to slam your fist against a table every time you say it.

Luke Wroblewski
If you're not reading this issue on your mobile device, maybe you should be. At ASAE's Tech Conference this year, Luke Wroblewski, one of the world's top digital product designers, said several companies (including Twitter, Pandora, and The Weather Channel) are already seeing more traffic from mobile devices than desktops. And because people have devices with them everywhere, it's leading to a lot more use.

Data geeks, now is your moment. Not only do grantmakers want to see metrics, but they can also influence decisions in everything from marketing to fundraising to membership. Whether it's the number of Twitter followers clicking on your links or the number of people you help find jobs, metrics are no longer nice to have. They're essential.

Near field communication
Near field communication (NFC)
This technology allows your mobile phone to receive alerts or transfer data by simply bringing it in close proximity to anything with a NFC chip. It can be used for mobile payments (Google Wallet uses it) or to share photos, files, or contact info (particularly useful at events). Could this be the next big thing beyond QR codes and geo-location?

Like James Bond, this buzzword never dies.

"Networking" is so 2011. It's all about schmoozing in 2012. And what better way than a Bisnow Schmoozarama?

Shameless self-promotion

See above.

What are your buzzwords for 2012? E-mail reporter Jessica Sidman, jessica@bisnow.com.
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