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January 31, 2008

Attack of the Clones!


No, International Dairy Foods Association CEO Connie Tipton isn't starring in a Hollywood action pic.  She's in the middle of a regulatory battle over one of her hottest-button issues:  whether food from cloned animals should be kept off our plates (and out of our milk glasses).  We swung by her H Street office on Tuesday to hear moooore.


Connie came to the IDFA as an administrative assistant in 1981, when it was known as the Milk and Ice Cream Association. (Names weren't required to sound healthy back then.)  Since that time, staff has grown from 16 to 38, and the PAC budget from $7k to $300k.  Hey, that deserves a toast.


With 570 corporate members (Kraft, Nestle, Yoplait, and other names from your fridge) in the heavily regulated dairy industry, the IDFA puts a big focus on legislative advocacy.  And since Connie took the helm in '04, it's been trying to slow the introduction of cloned food products.  (For some reason, she doesn't think the public is ready to embrace RoboMilk just yet.)   This month's FDA ruling that meat and milk from clones is safe posed a challenge, but Connie and a small group of member CEOs helped convince Acting Agriculture Secretary Chuck Connor to extend the moratorium on cloned food despite the FDA verdict.  A key argument:  Dairy exports (like whey protein sent to the Far East) could suffer from cloning fears within importing countries.


Take note, everyone:  You don't need to cross ethical lines to lobby effectively. Connie chairs the Bryce Harlow Foundation, dedicated to promoting responsibility in public advocacy.  They award scholarships (17 this year, worth $6,000 each) to graduate students studying advocacy.  Of course, playing by the rules doesn't mean you can't do business on the golf course-Connie likes to get in a round when she goes to meetings.


Yep, the IDFA is responsible for the famous "Got Milk?" ad campaign.  Actually, the ads come from an affiliated group called MilkPep, which gets its funding through a government "check off" program, which skims a 20 cent surcharge off every 100 lbs. of milk sold.  Connie was there at the conception in 1994, when ad agency Bozell Worldwide pitched the campaign.  In connection with Sunday's Super Bowl, they're running an ad in tomorrow's USA Today with players from both teams sporting the usual milk mustaches.  We were unsuccessful in getting a similar picture of Connie.

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