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December 12, 2012
Layoffs, Shmayoffs

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Barack Obama wouldn't phrase it like our headline, but that's because he doesn't know how to speak Australian. While the federal government is prepping for mass layoffs, Australian company NGA.NET is trying to help them hire more people. Or could they just be under the 12-12-12 spell?
NGA.NET CEO Mike Giuffrida
NGA.NET CEO Mike Giuffrida opened an Arlington, Va.-based office three years ago, but he recently moved his family from Australia to DC (Georgetown to be exact). Most Australian government agencies are already using NGA.net’s e-recruiting tool. Despite US agencies already forewarning that sequestration and the fiscal cliff will lead to layoffs, Mike says agencies still face a daunting workforce challenge: retiring baby boomers and a young generation of workers not typically drawn to government employment.
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Melbourne Australia
Mike launched the company in '97 in Melbourne, just as e-mail was becoming the next big thing. He worked closely with 10 government agencies on how the Internet could help recruit recent college grads for public sector jobs. It’s evolved to be a cloud-based product that allows hiring managers to manage job applicants, approvals, HR processes, and employee evaluations. It speeds up a hiring process that averages 120 days and allows agencies to see glitches in its hiring process.
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NGA.NET's Mike Giuffrida
While Mike acknowledges the fiscal cliff threat has been a distraction for agencies, he will be announcing a major contract win in the next few weeks. And he plans to grow from 10 employees to 25 by the end of 2013, mostly focused on product delivery and customer service. His strategy has been direct sales to agencies, but he’s also working on partnerships. The father of four daughters has enjoyed US life, particularly DC’s favorite pastime: Loving RGIII.

The Best State Is...
New Economy Index
...Massachusetts—well, the state most entrenched in the New Economy, according to the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation’s latest New Economy Index. Maryland ranked No. 5 and Virginia No. 6. (DC wasn’t included.) The ranking was based on 26 measures, including how many IT people in the state work outside of the IT industry, foreign direct investment, the number and value of IPOs, how many homes have online access, and the number of scientists and engineers working in the private sector. Delaware, Washington, and California topped Maryland. The lowest ranking: Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

Happy New Year: You're Hired
IT job hiring on the rise in early 2013.
Tech job news hasn’t been pretty, with hundreds of layoffs at LivingSocial and SAIC. But tech execs say IT hiring will increase early next year, according to a report by Robert Half Technology. Nearly 20% of CIOs said they would expand IT departments, while 8% said they would cut. The net increase is up six points from the previous quarter. The so-so news is that 75% of CIOs said they would just maintain. The most in-demand skills: IT security, applications development, and data/database management. And the industries doing the most IT hiring: manufacturing, business services, and finance.

End-Of-Year Funding Spree
You know how businesses push to spend money before the end of the calendar year? Maybe it's the same for VCs. Two DC-area tech companies announced funding deals this week: Speek, which developed a new way of doing conference calls (see our story), raised $1.2M in seed-stage funding. And IntroHive raised $1.8M in series A funding. The DC firm’s software uses personal networks for biz dev and attracted its round from Canadian firms: GrowthWorks Atlantic and New Brunswick Innovation Fund.

Oppa German Style
Welz & Weisel content director Dennis McCafferty and co-founder Evan Weisel
Holiday parties have been pretty creative this year. Welz & Weisel content director Dennis McCafferty and co-founder Evan Weisel may do marketing and PR for techies, but when it comes to celebrating the holidays, they don their lederhosen and throw back some German beer. The Fairfax, Va.-based firm had its holiday party at “Old Europe” in DC this year. Completion of these drinks results in spontaneous yodeling. Research firm Market Connections also had a unique way of celebrating: a wine pairing lunch at Trummer’s on Main in Clifton. Send stories and photos of how your business is celebrating the holidays to Bisnow’s Tania Anderson.
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