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December 5, 2012
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Fresh off his company’s Distilled Intelligence pitch contest win, Cont3nt.com founder Anton Gelman (right) is now enjoying some new cash announced this week from CIT. And he hints that more is on its way.
...unless his small staff wrangles away his funds. Born in the former Soviet Union and arriving in the US in 1990, Anton developed a way for media companies and freelancers to sell their photo and video stories in real-time to media companies all over the world. Through partnerships and viral adoption, Cont3nt.com has grown to 15,000 journalists and 170 media companies in seven countries since launching this year. Anton says a year from now the market will be responsible for distributing breaking news in dozens of countries.
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cont3nt founder anton gelman
Before launching Cont3nt.com, Anton worked in National Geographic’s digital media group. He created online community systems, including one that allowed NatGeo content to be shared. Except the system fell apart whenever video was posted. With the backing of his supervisors and his own bootstrapping, Anton created Cont3nt.com. The four-person startup, housed in the AOL Fishbowl since July, takes 5% of every transaction, which Anton says is far less than the 50% to 60% other services charge. He calls it "an open market for free press."
cont3nt team
The team is enjoying life at AOL’s Dulles office. (We let Anton believe the giant “A” in the break room is for him.) They expect the Cont3nt.com network to quintuple in the next four months, crossing 100,000 users. It’s largely driven by Cont3nt.com’s partnerships, along with a growing community of journalists and citizens with cameras that want a way to distribute their work. (Remember Romney’s 47% speech?) The company doesn’t censor content posted to the network but only asks that it be accurate, newsworthy (no cat videos, please), and belonging to the person who posted it.

Open Government Get Local
Montgomery county councilmember Hans Riemer
Montgomery County government just got more open, thanks to councilmember’s Hans Riemer’s bill. Following in the openness pushed by the Obama administration among federal agencies, yesterday the Montgomery County Council passed the Open Data Act of 2012 to make government data more available to the public, with each department providing its own data set. Now app developers can use government data to create useful citizen apps. The legislation will also publish online any public record requests received by council government and its council.

Facial Hair Wins
In case you were wondering why so many tech people were sporting ‘staches during November, it was for Movember, a campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer research. It had one of its best years ever with 208,757 men and women raising $18M. (Yes, even women can grow facial hair.) Grassroots engagement director Tom Whiteside, who shared this photo of the LA Movember crew, tells us the campaign, the largest non-government funder of prostate cancer research in the world, appeals to that inner desire in most men to grow a mustache at some point in their life. They also like to compete to see who can raise more money and grow the craziest 'stache. “We find that often the worst mustaches are the ones that raise the most,” he says.

Tysons Gets A New Neighbor
Intelsat coming to Tysons
Intelsat is headed to the ‘burbs in mid 2014. The satellite services provider is moving its HQ from Washington to Tysons Corner, bringing with it over 430 employees. The company will lease 188k square feet in Tysons Tower, a 20-story building next to a Metro station that’s under construction. The company recently reported Q3 revenue of $655M with a net loss of $34.5M, but CEO Dave McGlade says 2012 will end better than 2011.

A Post Cupcake World?
Since you techies are all about innovation, how 'bout the cutting edge of dessert? There are four doughnut-centric concepts planned for downtown DC over the next six months, so we had to ask: what’s up with this deep-fried phenomenon? Read Dining Bisnow to find out. Better yet, subscribe and keep up on all the coolest restaurants. Above, we snapped this at the new Ted’s BULLETIN opening on 14th Street in January. It has an extensive new dessert menu from pastry chef Rebecca Albright, featuring gourmet doughnuts.
Almost across the street from Ted's, there’s a great new Matchbox restaurant at 14th and T. We checked it out and can assure you it will be a huge hit. We snapped Jon “Johnny Mac ‘n Cheese” MacArthur and pizza specialist Bart Nadherney holding an apple dessert pizza. (We were eyeing the fig and prosciutto pizza but ended up with the succulent short ribs served exclusively at this location.) For more, read Dining Bisnow.
So layoffs aren't just for startups like LivingSocial. SAIC is expected to cut 700 from its workforce. Who's next? Send predictions to Bisnow's Tania Anderson.
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