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November 16, 2012

They Know What

You're Thinking

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What happens when you get a group of military vets with intel backgrounds together? They create software that taps into human behavior. What happens when you put that software in an office? Water cooler conversations take on a whole new level of meaning.
Red Owl Analytics is launching software this month
Red Owl Analytics, led by former Army officer Guy Filippelli, developed software that looks at millions of relational events—like how often someone sends an email rather than makes a phone call—and IDs behavior outside their normal routine that could lead to a security breach. The platform was built around rigorous math models in inferential stats, according to product and engineering director and former Army Ranger Les Craig. Similar algorithms study the complexity of behaviors between 20 to 30 people, but Red Owl’s product analyzes behaviors in networks of thousands of people.
Deltek (Citizant) MTECH
Guy having his fireside chat
Guy having his weekly "fireside" chat with the engineering team. The software, which officially launches this month, can also be used to ID an organization’s best communicators or connectors based on how they use various tools to inform their staff. Some of its first customers will include investigatory firms that work for large corporations and financial institutions. Operations director and former Marine Corps officer Renny McPherson says the software, which used Enron as a test study, has lots of potential uses in other industries and government. Red Owl has some seed funding and customers ready to start, and the company expects the product to be through a few pilots by early 2013.

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Curry's Auto Service
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Fed Tech Accelerator Launches
Nitin Pradhan
In the three months since Nitin Pradhan left his post as DOT CIO, the entrepreneurial bug bit. Nitin, who oversaw the sixth largest federal IT portfolio and an annual budget over $3B, tells us he's launched a fed tech accelerator. Public Private Innovations will focus on tech startups that want to tweak their commercial products for the public sector and federal contractors that want to productize their existing services. The accelerator includes a partner consortium of more established companies interested in those new products. Nitin will also partner with local developers to create an incubation space for small companies to co-locate and get fed-focused business and tech mentoring.

Shot Of Cash For Ed Tech
AddThis chairman Hooman Radfar and Always Prepped founder Fahad Hassan
When Fahad Hassan (right) needed seed funding for his five-month-old ed tech startup, Always Prepped, he immediately looked to Silicon Valley. Knowing that West Coast VCs take more risks with pre-revenue startups than East Coasters, Fahad successfully raised his first round of institutional funding at $650k. It came from True Ventures in San Francisco, and DC-based investors AddThis founder and chairman Hooman Radfar (above with Fahad), and former Blackboard EVP Todd Gibby. The funding, announced Thursday, will grow and develop the product, which helps teachers integrate all the technology they use into one dashboard. But when students bring them an apple, it's still fruit, not a computer.
Holiday parties are just around the corner. Will they be lavish or lame? Send your party plans to Bisnow's Tania Anderson.
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