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August 1, 2012
Knight In Shining App-er

James Quigley wants you to give away your products and services for the good of humankind. Don’t worry, he’s doing it himself, too.
Canvas founder James Quigley
The Canvas founder says the best route to innovation and job growth is for small businesses to take the lead. And one way to do that is lending non-profits their talent and products. He recently launched Ante Up, a program geared to helping non-profits, which lets Canvas employees take time off to help them use Canvas’ mobile tech. The company has been digitizing anything that was previously recorded on paper for paying clients since 2008. Now Canvas employees have a chance to create something innovative that a non-profit can put to use for free.
Deltek (Summer) MTECH
Dandelion Support Network founder Rachael Stott
Dandelion Support Network, an Australian non-profit that provides second-hand baby supplies to families in need, recently used Canvas’ mobile tech. Founder Rachael Stott, receiving the first Ante Up Organization of the Year award, says the mobile tech allowed the organization to do compliance checks on baby equipment through an image capture feature, manage inventory through bar coding and GPS, sign up new volunteers on the spot, and save time previously spent on paper forms.
Canvas Ante Up
The company's apps are being used by paying Olympic organizers in London, provided Venezuelan students with an app to record election results, and it helped USAID track worldwide illnesses. Canvas recently started working with an anti-poaching group that’s using the mobile tech to protect rhinos. First step: show the rhinos how to use the app without crushing the phone.

Secure Convos In A Box
MTN Government Services
A few months ago we brought you the mystery and aura of the SCIF. Inside this heavy metal box you’ll find all the secure equipment necessary to communicate with the outside world no matter where you are in the world. The maker, Leesburg, Va.-based MTN Government Services, was recently hired by DOD to provide these Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities. No word on where they’ll be used but MTN says they’re unique because they can be taken apart and put back together in a few days. We predict they’ll be on every child’s Christmas wish list.

No Sequestration
Stop Sequestration Rally
If you’re a government contractor, you’ve heard of the looming sequestration. (Unless you're on a jury and been sequestered yourself.) Several federal IT contractors descended on a Crystal City ballroom Monday afternoon for the Stop Sequestration rally. (Holding rallies on Capitol Hill is so cliche.) Hundreds turned out to get the attention of lawmakers about stopping the massive cuts ready to hit federal agencies at the beginning of next year. Speakers included Northrop Grumman president Wes Bush, SAIC president John Jumper, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, and Reps. Gerry Connelly, Jim Moran, and Frank Wolfe.
NVTC VP Josh Levi, communications and PR director Allison Gillmore, NVTC chairman and Salient Federal Solutions president Brad Antle, and special projects manager Katie Mickelson
NVTC was well represented by policy VP Josh Levi, PR director Allison Gillmore, NVTC chairman and Salient Federal Solutions president Brad Antle, and special projects manager Katie Mickelson. Brad was a rally speaker and described how his mid-sized IT services firm has had to slow down hiring because of sequestration. Other challenges for mid-size contractors include required WARN notices (60 days of notice for mass layoffs) and lack of resources to deal with fixed costs.
Unanet Technologies president Fran Craig
We found Unanet Technologies president Fran Craig among the throng. Her Sterling, Va.-based services automation software firm generates 65% of its revenue from federal work, but Fran says the company is focusing a little harder on its commercial business in case sequestration goes through. Many of her government contractor clients are delaying new projects until another quarter.
How is sequestration affecting your company? (We've learned to embrace 13-letter words.) Tell Bisnow's Tania Anderson.
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